Solidarity beyond Borders – Solidarity with the March for Freedom!

Blockupy zur Demonstration des March for Freedom am 26.6.2014 in Brüssel:

„Solidarity beyond Borders – Building Democracy from Below!“ was the motto for a May of Solidarity and Action Days just before the European elections. (…)  Since the founding of Blockupy in 2012, our fight against the austerity regime and authoritarian capitalism is deeply connected with the fight against fortress Europe.

The reason is simple: The attempt to increase the so called competitivness of European capital is deeply connected with the European border regime which aims at controlling migration in favour of the national economy and at excluding the social results, which the policy of the EU produces all over the world.

Therefore a democracy from below can only by build when we overcome the borders that devides us and the capital that exploits us. Today democracy can not be build at the national level anymore, it has to be developed beyond borders. Thus actions against the border regime, nationalism and racism were already part of the Blockupy actions in the last two years: In 2013 we tried to block the Deportation Airport in Frankfurt and this year we demonstrated for the right of movement in the Deportation Airport of Düsseldorf.

We are very happy about your March for Freedom and hope that you will go on with your fight. We know that you had to suffer different forms of police brutality during the last weeks, but we also know that you will not be intimitated by this attacks und will not stop your fight. Neither will we.

Therefore we look forward to see you again soon. Probably at one of the next actions against the border regime all over Europe and at the latest in Frankfurt at the non-opening of the ECB Tower, which we – together with comrades from all over the world – want to turn into a big party of transnational solidarity and resistance.

Freedom of Movement is everybody’s right!

– Blockupy Koordinierungskreis –