Minutes of the Brussels Assembly – „Building together a transnational space for an Europe from below“ on Sept. 26th/27th 2014

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After having discussed the outcomes of the May of Solidarity 2014, the Blockupy international coordinating group called for a transnational meeting on protests against the EU crisis policies to take place in Brussels. The message of the May action days, „Solidarity beyond borders, building democracy from below!“ found much resonance, but obviously a strong transnational movement is still to come. It will depend on the struggles taking place in our daily life but also on our ways to develop a common space – for strategizing and for finding common spaces of struggles. As a contribution, Blockupy will mobilize against the opening of the new ECB building in Frankfurt (now scheduled for early 2015), facing the austerity regime. But an autonomous political initiative cannot be simply bound to the dates of the institutional agenda. So we proposed to start a deeper and realistic debate about connecting points of our heterogeneous struggles to build a stronger resistance against the EU crisis regime. We also proposed to discuss about Europe as a space of mobility for precarious and migrant workers and the consequences of this view for new ways of transnational resistance.

In this meeting, 100 to 120 persons from about 50 different groups, organizations and transnational networks coming from 15 countries took part, amongst others these:

15M/Occupy Brussels, Afrika Kontakt (Denmark), Anarchist networks (Norway, Greece), All at Alla (Sweden), AlterSummit network, Antiauthoritarian Movement (Greece), Belgian mobilization against COP21, Beyond Europe network,CADTM, CEO – Corporate Europe Observatory, Collective Soft Revolution Brussels, Collectivo AlterPolis (Italy),Coordination des intermittens et precaire du spectacle Paris, D19-20 Alliance (Belgium), Democratic Socialist(Slovenia), Dyktio (Greece), Dinamo press Rome, Ecologistas en acción (Spain), Embros – occupied theater Athens, EU inCrisis network, European Alternatives, European Attac Network (Spain, France, Germany), Feminist Intervention Blockupy (Germany), Global Project (Italy), GNUnion, GUE/NGL (Die.Linke, Podemos, Syriza, Lista Tsipras), IERPE -Research Institute on Water Policy (Brussels-France), Interventionist Left (Germany), Irish Congress of Trade Unions,Irish SWP, Krytyka Polityczna (Poland), L’Usine a Vapeur, Juventud Sin Futuro, Network for Social Support of Refugees and Migrants (Greece), NoExpo Attitude network Milano, No Troika Frankfurt, Occupy Frankfurt, On Dirait Le Sud, PAHMadrid, Plan C (UK), Plaza de los Pueblos (Spain), Portavoce Nazionale Rete della Conosenza (Italy), Precarios Inflexiveis (Portugal), Precarious Dis-/Connection (Italy), Rassemblement-r (Belgium), Red Green Alliance (Denmark),Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (Berlin, Brusssels), Social Forums (Netherlands), Solidaire (France), Solidarity for All(Greece), Spanish Debt Audit Platform/ICAN network, Studenti Independenti Torino, SUF/youth fraction of Red GreenAlliance, Transform Network, TNI – Transnational Institute, Ums Ganze (Germany/Austria)

We decided on the following points in the final plenary session in which we brought together the proposals and conclusions from the afternoon workshops:

1. Towards a strong Blockupy „Day X“ mobilization against the ECB opening and the Blockupy Festival on November 20-23

We will mobilize – as groups, organizations and transnational networks of the Brussels meeting – towards the protests against the ECB opening. As decided during the European Blockupy action conference 2013 atFrankfurt, our action will consist of several days of protest and resistance including the effective blockade of the opening ceremony of the new ECB building with means of mass actions and civil disobedience and a big demonstration.

We will start right now to prepare a transnational Blockupy call. A small working group set up by representatives of various networks and regions will start drafting a call to be discussed in the Blockupy international coordinating group. As we still don’t know the date of the ceremony, it will be a „Day X“mobilization, but this will not inhibit our planning for we are used to similar situations.

We will establish a transnational cooperation structure for the “Day X” activities before and during theFrankfurt days of action. And we will find creative ways to make the transnational character of the blockade and demonstration really visible.

We will check the idea to have a Europe-wide action day against the austerity regime during these Blockupy protests. This must not diminish the mobilization towards Frankfurt but could enlarge the protests, using „Blockupy-like“ disobedient mass actions and demonstrations. It could be also a chance to enlarge our perspectives beyond the event.

On November 20-23, the Blockupy Festival (#talk #dance #act!) will take place in Frankfurt. To make the mobilization towards the ECB opening strong and concrete, we will include in the program of theFestival a transnational preparatory meeting – consisting of interested representatives of our groups,organizations and networks as well as the Blockupy coordinating group and Blockupy working groups on „Day X“ protests.


2. Towards a road map against austerity and the exploitation/crisis regime

Starting from different and common points, most discussion were about the austerity regime and the suitability of precarity and mobility as a common frame. Questions to be deepened are for example the implications of using such a frame, EU wage and welfare, debt, strike and how to continue to challenge theEuropean austerity regime beyond the ECB (non-)opening.

It was clear to us: To find connecting points we have to be very well informed about the various struggles. So we exchanged the dates for mobilizations to come and to be spread (see below).

Those groups who are involved in Europe-wide initiatives against precarity, the “government of mobility” and for social and transnational strike will start one or more common action days on these issues during the weekNovember 7-14.

Others will mobilize during the next months towards the protests against racism, fascism or eviction, towards the D19-20 blockade against TTIP and austerity on December 19 in Brussels or other issues related to the crisis regime.

We agreed to continue and to deepen the discourse between our groups, organizations and networks to develop our own – meaningful – agenda. This of course does not mean „We all do the same“, but to find a frame/connecting points for our heterogeneous struggles to be taken up by our and other networks with the objective to build a stronger common process of resistance.

To develop a broad consensus on such a frame/connecting point or initiative/project and to increasingly come to strong and realistic transnational campaigns and action days against the crisis/exploitation regime, the Frankfurt Blockupy Festival will offer a space to deepen the questions of the Brussels meeting and to include the experiences from other meetings of this year.

3. Towards a stronger common work against far right

The work and resistance against the far right is – from the beginning of Blockupy – an important part of our common struggles. During the Brussels meeting we agreed to strengthen the exchange of information, dates,opportunities for this resistance. Concrete ideas of transnational connection are for example the European action day against fascism on November 8, which has been called after the European antifascist meeting inAthens, or the workshop during the Blockupy Festival in Frankfurt about the rising of the far right.

Dates to come (to be continued…)


  • October: European week of action „Stop evictions, take the city“
  • October 3: Day of action of the migration/refugee movement
  • October 11: European action day against TTIP
  • October 25: Pre-organization meeting for a third Agora 99 in 2015 in IstanbulNovember 8: European action day against fascism
  • November 13-16: Protests of migrants and sans-papiers in Rome
  • November 7-14: Decentral action days of Europe-wide initiatives against precarity, austerity regime and the“government of mobility”
  • November 20-23: Blockupy Festival in Frankfurt
  • December 19: D19-20 action day against TTIP and austerity in Brussels (More info see:http://www.d19-20.be/en)


  • January 30: Protests and blockades against the right-wing “Akademikerball” in Vienna
  • May: Protests against EXPO in Milan
  • May: Alter Summit action day against precarity (proposal by Alter Summit to be relaized around May 1st week)
  • Spring: Blockupy protests against opening of the ECB in Frankfurt
  • Summer or earlier: Greek elections, protests on debt
  • Sometime in 2015: Agora 99 meeting in Istanbul (proposal)