Camp-AG: Dear Blockupys from Close and far

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Dear Blockupys from Close and far,

The campsite is clear now; it is Frankfurt Rebstock, near the fair. To see the area please click to the link below. Of course there are still many things to prepare and organize but the camp AG is more or less in the schedule.

The cultures and event program is just printed in the first version as a layer and poster. You find it online: Soon you will find it also in English. A camp guide and texture for respectful interaction are in preparation. As soon as finished it will be online and printed in German and English.

The Camp-Construction will start at Monday the 27th of May. The most of Infrastructure has to be finished when we open the camp in the afternoon of May 29th.

For the planning we need any Information and support of you!

If political groups, peer groups or organisations plan to build a quarter in the camp (what we recommend) it is essential to tell us the number of tents and the date of arrival. Otherwise it might be not possible to reserve a contiguous area field.

Definitely we need support from groups and Organisations for the Construction and Dismantling of the camp. Please discuss, and tell us as soon as possible, if, and how many of you can stay the whole week (Monday to Monday) and arrive already on May 27th.

Activists whose are able to spacey building of big tents, Pavilions, whose are skilled crafted to construct Information walls, Tables, Water- and Electricity installations, are very very welcome.

Please discuss and plan that we need many volunteers for Jobs in the Campsite during the action days. From snipping vegetables in the activists soup kitchen, about selling beverages in the camp-bar, to collect garbage.

For security protection and Night watch peer groups are asked to take areas and shifts, which know and trust each other.

Also Volunteers asked with experience in Kids Care, First Aid, Out-of-action skills and translation.

You have to delegate responsible from your quarter to the assemblies and eventually for a camp board. They should be able to take over tasks like moderating or translating.

A list of material and things we are lack in Frankfurt will be created separately.

Please answer rapidly to: camp (aett)

See you soon.

Camp AG/No Troika Frankfurt

Campsite at Google Maps