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UPDATE: new location plan!

Blockupy 2013: block – protest – assemble


In addition to the forms of direct action and dissent (31st May) and the big demonstration (1st June) we want to practice another form of direct democracy at the Blockupy days of action 2013: the assembly / asamblea.

With the asambleas we want to create spaces of horizontal, non-hierarchical communication, in which all people can participate, regardless of whether they are part of any organisational structures. Blockupy 2012 has demonstrated that our protests are carried by a wide spectrum of different movements, from critics of capitalism to anti-capitalists. During the asambleas we want to further the direct exchange between us. Together we want to discuss how we want to continue our protest and resistance locally and globally.

For that reason we are planning to split up into 5-10 assemblies after the 30 minute long rally at the end of the demonstration. These assemblies will not be specified by topic or region, so you can just participate in the one that is closest to you. After a short introduction a speakers list will be opened with a maximum of 2 minutes speaking time. Everyone can use this time to share their impressions and experiences, ask for feedback, give feedback to the actions that took place, or bring in ideas of what we should do next!

So you can either participate spontaneously on the day, or as well, help us with the preparations. If you would like to moderate an asamblea, if you have ideas for the concept of moderation or want to help with the organisation on the day, then send an email to <asamblea AT> and / or come to the meeting on Friday 31st May in the camp!