In 70 cities in 10 countries: United against the Troika!

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united against troika
The Portuguese coalition People United Against the Troika, which called for massive protests across Europe against the troika and its austerity policies, issued a press release yesterday announcing the progress of its call. Mobilizations are underway in 70 cities in 10 countries in Europe, with Blockupy playing a key role on this day: “As in Frankfurt Blockupy will protest in front of the European Central Bank Headquarters, in Lisbon the “Que Se Lixe a Troika” will protest in front of the national IMF headquarters, in Madrid, “Mareas Ciudadanas” will protest in front of the national European Commission headquarters, and in dozens more cities all around each of the ten countries protests will take place in search of a future without austerity-ridden policies and the ideological fanaticism which is destroying the most important thing in Europe: its peoples.”

Block! Mark! Demonstrate! United against the troika!

People United Against the Troika (Portuguese):
Marea Ciudadana / Citizens’ Tide (Spanish):