Sleeping-places and Accommodation: Groups

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Blockupy / NoTroika

Sleeping-places and Accommodation

Dear Activists arriving in groups,

you are arriving in a lager group and announced the need of sleeping-places. We want and will provide appropriate accommodation for you. We need a couple of information, so every thing will go smoothly for you and your hosts.

– we need the exact number oft people arriving and if there are people with handicaps among them.

– we need a contact-person with e-mail-adress (PGP would be great) and mobile-number.

– it is imported to us, that one or more persons of your group arrive on the weekend or at least on monday. we need these persons to work with us on the required infrastructure and to familiarize with the local situation. great would be one person for 100 group-travellers. There will be action-kitchens providing meals from tuesday evening on.

– prepare your groups, that you might have to take care of the rooms yourself. that means that you need responsible people for the key, safety, tidiness, food etc.

– please remember to bring sleeping-bags and camping-mats with you. but please leave your dogs at home. as well as valuables. we cannot guarantee for it’s safety.

– for further communication: please send us your PGP-key.

– there will be meetings on monday and tuesday. we will communicate the exact time within the next days.

see you in frankfurt!

your NoTroika-sleeping-places-Team