Blockade of the ECB

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blockierenIn the early morning we start the blockade of the ECB by means of sit-in and standing blockades, music and street theater, banners and themed objects. The ECB is one of the central institutions enforcing the implementation of the catastrophic policy of impoverishment.

Action map


Registered Infopoints

There will be several registered gathering and infopoint on that day organized by various alliance groups–points to meet others and gather, to rest, get infos and a tea. The infopoints will be operating from early on in the morning, they will be announced on the website shortly and marked on the “action map”, that will be handout for the day.


The infopoints will be active at March 18th from 6:00 in the morning.

Action Consensus

Our goal in the morning of March 18, 2015 is an effective blockade of the ECB, its daily work and the opening ceremony. Therefore, we will, together with many activists from networks, organizations and groups from all over Europe, go as close as possible to the ECB. Following the blockade, single organizations of the coalition will carry out actions on issues and actors of the crisis regime.

Our form of action are mass blockades, which consist of people. With sit-in and standing blockades, street theater, drum groups and themed objects of our resistance we will close every entrance to the ECB. We will also include police barricades and fences into our blockades.

Even if police forces will try to prevent us from accomplishing our goal, we do not focus on them. Wherever possible we will pour through gaps in the police lines or circumvent them and we will use our bodies to hold the blockades. There will be no escalation from our side. We exercise our right to physical integrity and can therefore protect our bodies with materials.

Together we take responsibility for the success of our action. We will create a situation that is transparent for all participants of the blockade and in which everyone respects and supports each other in solidarity. This character allows people with little blockade experience to participate as well.

Blockupy is part of the protests all over Europe against the authoritarian crisis policy. We stand in solidarity with all those, who share our goals to resist the authoritarian crisis management and the politics of the Troika. In doing so, we reject any kind of reactionary, nationalist and racist position.

After the blockades

After we have ended the transnational actions/blockades in the morning together, single organizations of the coalition will carry out actions on issues and actors of the crisis regime.