Call for Action: Blockupy Frankfurt!
Resistance in the Heart of the European Crisis Regime May 31 and June 1, 2013

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Once again Blockupy* calls for European days of protest in Frankfurt am Main against the crisis regime of the European Union. On May 31st and June 1st 2013, we want to take the resistance against the poverty policy of the German government and the Troika- consisting of ECB, EU-Commission and IMF- into one of the centers of European crisis management: to the residence of the European Central Bank (ECB) and of many German banks and corporations- the profiteers of these policies.

The programs of austerity and privatizations, which already have been imposed on the countries of the Global South decades ago, are now arriving in Europe. The German Agenda 2010 was just an archetype for what now is enforced especially in Southern Europe to an even more dramatic extent. If we do not defend ourselves, this pauperization will keep intensifying – also here, in the centre of Europe: the ongoing cuts of social and democratic rights. These measures shall secure the ability of payment for the return-assumptions of large fortunes, while at the same time the „economic competitiveness“ of Germany and (Central)Europe in the capitalist world market is to be enhanced through the price-reduction and precarization of waged-related labour..

Together with the people in Southern Europe we say: „Don’t owe, don‘t pay!“ and resist the rehabilitation of capitalism on the backs of employees as well as unemployed, retirees, migrants and the youth. We reject any cooperation with the German crisis politics, which not only has catastrophic consequences for people in Southern Europe, but also here, where the social division is continued permanently. Therefore we also fight against the still ongoing worsening of the living and working conditions just here, already implemented and imminent to an even larger extent. Moreover, its effects are gender-specifically unequally distributed and thus intensify gender injustice. We consider initiatives against rising rents, communal impoverishment, systematic harassments against unemployed people, deportations, isolation camps and mandatory residence as parts of ourselves.

Again and again there are several attempts to divide us, e.g. by claiming that „enough has been paid for the Greek“. No Greek person has been saved at all, in fact the yields of banks and corporations have been assured. We oppose any effort spent on agitating employees, unemployed and precarious in Germany and Greece, in Italy, Portugal, France or other countries against each other by activating such nationalist slogans. Especially, we fight against all (neo)fascist tendencies, marches and events. We also oppose any form of reactionary or racist crisis interpretation- no matter whether from „below or above“, no matter if anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim or antiziganistic.

We are part of the international movements who have been resisting the attacks on our life and our future, fight for social rights and alternatives, develop new forms of organization and solidarian economy for years. We oppose the authoritarian execution of austerity-measures, which stand in blatant contradiction to democratic principles, and stand up for the democratization of all aspects of life. We defy the imposition of economic interests through war and exports of weapons. We do not accept at all the capitalist economic model which is based on global exploitation, necessarily produces poverty as well as social injustice and systematically destroys nature.
We carry our protest, our civil disobedience and resistance to the residence of the profiteers of the European crisis regime to Frankfurt am Main. We will not let ourselves be intimidated neither by police nor by judicial repression – which globally affects movements on many places including ourselves – but we will react with transnational solidarity.

Let´s practice our solidarity against the politics of austerity terror! Let us make clear: We will not permit the crisis continuously being loaded on the backs of wage-related employees, unemployed, retirees, precarious, students, refugees and many others – neither here nor anywhere else. The days of protest in Frankfurt thereby join last year´s global protests, the protests in this year’s spring in Brussels and other places as well as the movements for an Alter Summit in Athens in the summer of 2013.

We will demonstrate against the policies of the German government and the really great 4-party-coalition, against the policies of ECB, EU-Commission and IMF. We will block the ECB. We will occupy public squares in the economic and financial metropolis Frankfurt – we are Blockupy!

*Blockupy is a German-wide coalition in which numerous groups, organizations and individual activists take part and work together. We are active in different social and political collectives or currents. So far the following structures take part: Attac-activists, unions, antiracist networks, parties like “Die Linke”, Occupy-activists, unemployed initiatives, student groups, North-South, peace and environmental initiatives, the leftyouth [‘solid], the green youth, as well as radical left associations like Interventionist Left and …Ums Ganze!-Alliance.