Blockupy Endorses the Call for Action Against the EU Summit

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Join the decentral day of action on March 13 | Join the demonstration and rally on March 14 in Brussels

For a European spring! Our democracy against their austerity!

Call for Action as PDF

At the latest since Blockupy Frankfurt in May 2012, social movements, organizations and initiatives across Europe stepped up their collaboration in order to raise a loud common voice of resistance. Blockupy Frankfurt was deliberately internationalist and European from below. It intended to take protest and resistance to the streets of the international banking city in one of the countries central to the authoritarian management of the crisis.

For this year´s EU spring summit on March 14 and 15 in Brussels, a coalition of social movements, NGOs and different initiatives, that emerged in different places in the last year, are calling for European days of action: to protest EU politics and the authoritarian management of the crisis and to call for a European Spring! Our democracy stands up against their austerity programs and social cuts!

The decentral actions of March 13 express the variety of struggles in Europe. Groups in Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and other countries are already preparing actions. On March 14 a common demonstration will take place in Brussels at 12 a.m. on Place du Luxembourg near the European Parliament in Brussels. The European Trade Union Confederation also endorses the days of action and calls for a central rally against Youth Unemployment on March 14, 2-5 p.m. in Parc Cinquantaire. Our demo will join them there.

Blockupy is part of this European process. Therefore we call on all groups, coalitions against the crisis, organizations and movements, to participate in the European days of action.

  • Rally in front of EU institutions, plan events or creative actions.
  • Form local coalitions and emphasize the European character of the days of action.
  • Check out whether you can organize or access collective transportation to participate in the central rally in Brussels on March 14.
  • Call on trade unions of your regions to travel to Brussels with you. There are already joint travel plans to Brussels from Stuttgart, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • Let´s be seen and heard in Brussels and throughout Europe as a movement, as a European force from below!

Our democracy against their austerity! For a European spring!

The Blockupy Coalition gathers information on actions and posts it on its website. So please let us know what you plan – and inspire others.

Information on the activities throughout Europe and the demonstration and rally in Brussels is available at (including a platform for bus rides) and at