Blockupy-Newsletter November 2014

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BLOCKUPY FESTIVAL // 20th to 23rd of NOV 2014 // FRANKFURT


We are not waiting for the appointments of the rulers – we are setting our own agenda. Even if the ECB’s inauguration will take place only next year, Blockupy will be back to Frankfurt in only some days.

Blockupy – We will not get used to it! Austerity still kills, and the ruling classes are tightening their austerity programs – even if some of them seem to be softer – it’s just packaging. In reality, the goal is to transform austerity politics into normal political measures

Democracy emerges from our multiple struggles. Together with others Blockupy tries to build a European wide platform of resistance – against the paralysis and the impositions of austerity and exploitation  for a transnational solidarity. For Blockupy, Europe is not a question of passport or origin, Europe is just the space and the region in which and through which we are organizing our defense and resistance.

We talk among others with:

Costas Douzinas, Andrea Ypsilanti, Sandro Mezzadra, Ulrike Herrmann, Jannis Milios, Joachim Hirsch, Eva-Maria Krampe, Werner Rätz, Sabine Leidig, Nicole Gohlke, Alex Demirovic, Thomas Eberhard-Köster, Tobias Pflüger, John Kannankulam, Jens Wissel, Nikolai Huke, Frederico Pinheiro, Neva Löw, Martin Konecny, Bini Adamczak, Elke Stefen, Nina Eumann, Katharina Schwabedissen uvm.


Aktivist*innen von Solidarity4all (Griechenland), Alpha Kappa (Griechenland), Dinamo Press (Italien), All at alla (Schweden), Kotti & Co. (Berlin), Global Project (Italien), Transnational Institute (Amsterdam), PODEMOS (Spanien), 15-M (Spanien), Precarious (Dis-)Connections (Italien), Corporate Europe Observatory (Brüssel), INR (Prag), Antiautoritäre Bewegung/Beyond Europe (Griechenland), AlterSummit, Democratic Socialists (Slowenien), SEL/Lista Tsipras (Italien), Attitude NoExpo Network (Italien), syspirosi akaton (Zypern), Fundación de los Comunes (Spanien), Dachverband der Studierenden aus Kurdistan in Europa (YXK), UmsGanze, Attac, Interventionistische Linke, Die LINKE uvm.


MOBI-VIDEOS (German but still nice to see)

Dear friends and comrades

Only some more days, on November 19th the Blockupy-Festival will open ist doors. We are looking forward to to see you all again in Frankfurt soon. This is our last info-update! Please take a look


To get an overview of all the locations and find out how to go there go to

If you don’t have a place to stay, write to

For questions about the Festival write; or call after No. 17th at 0049 –157-51 23 17 46


The Festival will start Thursday night at 8 pm at the Gewerkschaftshaus (trade union’s house) with a panel discussion (Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 69-77; 60329 Frankfurt am Main (Google Maps). ”Power and its location – A walk through a leftist Europe “ with Costas Douzinas, Sandro Mezzadra und Andrea Ypsilanti. (see:

Friday we will have a discussion with Ulrike Herrmann and Janis Milios im „Haus der Jugend“ (20 Uhr, Haus der Jugend, Deutschherrnufer 12, Großer Saal; about „Seven years of Crisis in Europe – Controversial Explanations and Perspectives“.


Registration to the Work Groups

We want to use the Festival to also discuss some crucial strategic questions in regards to social struggles across Europe and in regards to political organizing in a more or less continuous matter. While workshops will be the location to discuss topics in a more concrete manner, the work groups aim to tackle those questions we think might be transversal rather than „a topic“.  The work groups will have particpants from various currents, political organizations and regions:

Work group 1: Transnational networking and strategies of resistance

Work group 2: Struggles on social infrastructure in Europe

Work group 3: The crisis regime as a project of European hegemony internally and externally

Work group 4: „Learn to win again“: an exchange on processes of the constitution of counter-power, strategiess of effectiveness and alliance politics

Work group 5: The rearrangement of the right-wing as a weakness of the left? – Defensive struggles and right-wing rollback

Descriptions of the work groups (Friday to Sunday, 10 am to 1 pm):

Registration (to get an idea of how many people):


Friday and Saturday we will have a workshop program with a variety of topics. Some international initiatives will be presented here too.

Culture, Concert, Party, Night-bar

We will have many things apart from tradition political talk too. You can find the program here:

Please see für the common night program: SIKS (Thursday night) und HoRsT (Friday),  Saturday the party in the Klapperfeld (with HipHop-Kollektiv TickTickBoom) and at the Blockupy-Matinee Sunday morning.

…AND SATURDAY; we will meet together on the street and at the fence

„That what counts is on the  square!“. Of course, No Blockupy without #act – Saturday we will march together to the new ECB building/tower and bring back their garbage of austerity and domination. Stay tuned!

We will meet soon at the Festival! We are looking forward to having you all there!

Blockupy-coordinating group and festival group