Live-Stream of the panel “Seven years of Crisis in Europe – Controversial Explanations and Perspectives” tonight at 8pm

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Tonights panel will be streamed live. At 8pm we present:

“Seven years of Crisis in Europe – Controversial Explanations and Perspectives

21st of November, 8 p.m., Haus der Jugend, Deutschherrnufer 12, Großer Saal

How to explain the enduring crisis in Europe? Which contradictions are shaping the european integration in its present form? Has Germany’s strategy to cut wages undermined the competitiveness of its european neighbors as some in the left and in trade unions suggest? Are Countries with trade deficits noncompetitive because of their too high wages as stated by liberal and conservative voices? Of what importance is the ‘financialisation’ of capitalism? And, especially: Which ways could possibly lead out of the crisis? Which strategies should emancipatory actors pursue?

Pannel Discussion with Ulrike Herrmann (taz) and Jannis Milios (TU Athen, Syriza)

Hosted by: Thomas Sablowski (Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung)”