Statement of adhesion to the European mobilization in Frankfurt, March 18th 2015 – protest against the opening of the BCE Eurotower.

Statement of adhesion – SEL ( Italy)

The new BCE “Eurotower” building will be inaugurated in Frankurt on March 18th “Blockupy”, the European social and political coalition, has launched a mobilization for a large demonstration in Frankfurt that same day.

While inside that huge contemporary pyramid, worth 1.3 billion euros, the opening gala will be performed in luxury, we will be outside, together with thousands of precarious workers, students, workers, citizens harshly affected and hurt by austerity programs.

Sinistra Ecologia Libertà has chosen which side in Europe to be on: we will be with the Europe that claims democracy and against the Europe of techno-financial oligarchies, with Europe that fights poverty and against that that takes its toll on the poor, by the side of those that were forced to pay for the crisis and against those that used the crisis to accumulate wealth.

These are the two sides of Europe that will confront themselves on March 18th

One will be outside the huge gates of BCE fortress, a constituent and democratic Europe that cannot ignore the suffering of migrants, women, men and children, that are left drowning in the middle of the sea only for opportunistic calculation, and that seeks to react to a new way of restructuring work, that struggles for a new welfare and a Green New Deal.

The other, inside the Tower, is neoliberal, conservative, authoritarian. It is that Europe that put the future of millions of people in the hands of speculative gains, and has turned social inequality as the dominant paradigm of social engineering. It is the Europe of the Troika, of environmental destruction, privatization of the commons, of weapon and oil trade that fuel wars.

This far, this Europe, elitarian and mighty, has imposed its command in the absence of any efficient opposition. The victory of Syriza in Greece, and as we all hope, of Podemos in Spain has brought a possible alternative to the center of the political debate and action. An alternative that for us is based on some key elements:

  • a clear choice for radical Europeanism, to engage within and against the current transformation, acknowledging the challenge: our counterpart becomes reactionary when the only possible solution being proposed is “national” entrenchment. Syriza and Podemos rather show a way towards a new “sovereignty” in Europe and for Europe, against those leaders that run it without truly democratic institutions, keep it divided and fragmented in its political and constitutional dimension, to allow finance and banks to thrive;
  • the struggle for a European Constitution, as the only space within which we can preserve the principles, values and spirit of republican and antifascist Constitutions;
  • the adoption of progressive taxation criteria in the whole Eurozone as a basis for a Europe-wide tax system that would destroy the privileges of large tax-dodgers and mafias, and ease the tax burden on workers;
  • a European welfare, with citizens’ income as the pillar of wealth redistribution and of policies against impoverishment and precariousness;
  • A “Green New Deal” against growing unemployment, based on the creation of new jobs to tackle the current ecological and environmental challenges, and on investment in knowledge economy.

In this context, the “European Debt Conference” urged for by Greece is a key element of action and struggle also in Parliament in Italy. A common shared space for debt restructuring at the European level, would be the first step towards a Constituent Assembly for a new Europe-wide system of solidarity, new criteria for tax measurement and cooperation, job-creation and regulation, health, housing, mobility and training.

For all these reasons we will mobilize on March 18th together with many other European citizens and organizations, by the side of Syriza and Podemos and watching closely the current debate within the German social-democratic forces against the diktats that are so peculiar of the “centre” extremism that characterizes those “grand-coalition” governments that have adopted a “laissez-faire” hardline.

It is in the spirit of the European coalition “Blockupy” that we have joined together with other parties of the alternative left, and by the side of movements, associations, and trade unions, that we invite to a wide mobilization to ensure a significant participation of activists from Italy.

Rise Up Europe!
Sinistra Ecologia Libertà – Europe