Public discussion: Where is the transnational counterpublicity?

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Where is the transnational counterpublicity?
Public discussion as an introduction to the Blockupy activists meeting Saturday May 9th, 2015, 7 pm

Mehringhof – Versammlungsraum, Berlin-Kreuzberg
Gneisenaustr. 2A, Berlin, 2nd backyard ( Closest subway: U7 or U6 at Mehringdamm

Mass mobilizations, general strikes and changes of government do not seem to challenge the neoliberal regime in Europe but rather entrench it. Even though it is ideologically bankrupt and discontent is growing – alternative ideas for Europe are being discredited ore simply denied. Mass demonstrations in Ireland and Spain keep the hope for further changes of government alive. But the example being made of Greece right now shows that a change of government does not necessarily mean gaining political power.

Therefore we see the necessity of broad mobilizing as well as transnational networking. The question we ask ourselves as the Blockupy-alliance is: Which are the weaknesses of the regime? Where can restauration of democracy start and which limitations does it face?

Thomasz Konicz (journalist, Germany): The outlined situation will be commented from the perspective of the critical journalist. Which chances and challenges does a movement against the impoverishment policy of the crisis regime face, in Germany and across Europe? What is to be done now?

Achim Rollhäuser (Diktyo, Greece): A wave of social mobilization was hoped for from the electoral victory of SYRIZA. Which possibilities do movements in Greece have in the stranglehold of the troika? What is planned there and what is necessary across Europe?

Cristina Asensi (platform Democracia Real, Spain): The popularity of the “Mareas”, the “marchas” and Podemos raises hopes. How is the example of Greece being discussed in Spain, what can be learned from successes and problems? Which role can the movements in Spain and Europe play?

Michael Erhardt (union IG Metall, party DIE LINKE, Germany): What could be an aggressive spirit of the unions towards the German model? Are there specific ideas? Can we expect (joint) actions (across Europe) after the appeal “Europa neu begründen” (“Refound Europe”)

Presentation and introduction: Blockupy

(April 27th, 2015)