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Blockupy International supports movements’ actions in the streets of Paris

Following the tragic events of 13 November in Paris and the French government’s decision to set and extend the “state of emergency”, it is now very clear: It is the freedom of movement and freedom of protest that is at stake.

In fact, the choice to ban demonstrations and people gatherings does not make any sense from the point of view of an effective “anti-terror security measure”. Contrary, it is part of a “state of war” attitude and rhetoric from above, including the scapegoating of Muslim communities and of refugees, who are really escaping from the same Daesh terror in the Middle East. This governmental decision represents instead a dangerous limitation to the spaces of free and democratic expression. That is unacceptable!

To the many activists from all over the world that will join the civil society mobilizations and actions around the UN Climate Conference in Paris (COP21) Blockupy International is sending all its active support.

Whatever the results of the COP21 might be, we already know that the same austerity policies, neoliberal economic and political rules and big corporations’ interests are among the most relevant contributors to global warming, climate change and their devastating consequences on the environment and communities’ life.

It is a “social and climate state of emergency” we are living in. The initiative from below by social movements all around the world is the only one, which could reverse the capitalist trend of destructing the planet.

Debt, crisis of democracy, climate and social justice, austerity, migration are so crucial that we cannot leave them in the hands of politicians, corporations and warmongers. It is not the French government, which has the right to decide whether a multitude of people should or should not take the street of Paris. Only the ability to break the rules of the current crises and the war-mongering, capitalist regime may create conditions for developing alternatives in a broader perspective of democracy, freedom and equality.

We now need to raise our voices loudly in the squares during the COP21 conference and everywhere else. We need climate and social justice: Now more than ever. Moreover, we are sending a strong message of solidarity to our sisters and brothers in the climate justice movements and in Paris: Right now at this moment, no matter where we are physically, we will be with you in Paris!

Let us not leave our cities to the “masters of war” whoever they are!
Let us take together the squares and the streets for climate and social justice!
Let us refuse the “state of emergency” and reject any restriction on our ability to act!

Blockupy International, November 25, 2015