When, if not now; who, if not us? Boundless Democracy from below instead of national division from above!

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Let’s block the Labor Ministry – Let’s mark their politics of impoverishment and exclusion ­ Against the inner walls and outer borders.

It has been too long that we were visible on the street together. Our practical solidarity takes place every day though: we are part of welcome initiatives, we organize support and actions on the European borders. We fight against free trade, war and climate change, which force people to flee their homes every day. We struggle against our cities becoming more and more expensive. We self­ organize against dumping wages, the harassment by the Jobcenter and the all encompassing insecurity of our living and working conditions. Tirelessly, we stand up against Nazis, the right­ wing populist party “Alternative for Germany“ (AfD) and the protests of supposedly “concerned citizens“, we resist the societal turn to the right in politics, media and on the street. This shows: It does exist, the camp of solidarity – everywhere in Europe. And there are moments that revive and motivate us, when we resist the authoritarian agenda of the EU and national governments – Paris sends its greetings.

Together with our European friends and comrades we continue fighting beyond borders against the European crisis regime – a regime, that has produced so much poverty, insecurity and fear throughout Europe. It is a Europe under the dictatorship of the “black zero“ and doctrine of isolation from the rest of the world. It is a Europe of social disintegration and organized despair. A Europe, in which the rise of right­wing populist and fascist parties is also the result of competition and division, of pretended absence of alternatives and the right of the strong.

Time is running: The AfD has become the organizational backbone of the “right bloc“ ­ a bloc, which is in the process of making and is no longer a marginal phenomenon but reaches far into politics and society. The AfD takes advantage of the broken neoliberal promises of happiness and freedom in order to protect under the guise of nationalism the privileges of a small, white, male group within society. The basta­politics of impoverishment and precarization, imposed over years in an authoritarian way, constitute the breeding ground for this right bloc. Therefore, the struggle against the right always implies consistent solidarity and to overcome the barrier between rich and poor, between top and bottom, between inside and outside. The struggles for social justice and the fights against racism belong together.

We believe that it is about time that the camp of solidarity becomes visible in the center of European capitalism and to attack together the supposed absence of alternatives of the neoliberal middle – before national “solutions“ in form of laws, in parliaments and on the street increase even more. The divisions in Europe run between the periphery and the center, between the top and the bottom – and they are also running trough the heart of the crisis­ and border regime. We want to address, mark and tear down these borders symbolically and practically together with many others. A common site of protest for this is the Labor Ministry. Because after all the attempt to divide us has also always been a social­ and labor market policy project. The architects of the European politics of division sat and sit not least but in one place, in the ministries of labor and social affairs of the capitals of the the Global North – and thus also centrally in Berlin.

The social devastation of southern Europe has its forerunner in the Agenda 2010 and the systematic stratification and creation of an “underclass” within the labor market here. Missing gainful employment, declining real wages, the lack of affordable housing, the prospect of poverty pension, youth unemployment, insecure precarious work – all this affects everyone of us in one way or another. We have been mad for a long time already at the politics that for all their talk of efficiency and flexibility pursues only one goal: to enforce at any cost a certain economical, thrifty, hardworking, obedient, brutal way of life. After the Agenda 2010 these labor market „reforms“ are now also implemented in France and southern Europe under the technocratic talk of inherent necessities and against the resistance of the people. This policy aims at the establishment of divisions and internal boundaries, it aims at the systematic deprivation of rights and the exclusion of so many.

In the upcoming weeks the Hartz IV laws will be tightened yet again. Heating costs will be curtailed and allowances limited. The social disciplining shows its brutal grimace in the implementation of Hartz IV. Again those affected by Hartz IV are defamed as people who are not doing enough to end their “neediness”. And the “social democratic” Labor Minister Nahles adds another one: social benefits for Europe’s internal migrants are soon to be accessed only after 5 years of employment in Germany. This means: those who make it here have to accept any kind of work and are helplessly exposed to blackmailing. Competition and struggles for distribution in the low­wage sector become racially charged – and those people who do not have any perspective anymore in their countries due to German austerity policies are again put offside.

We believe: it is enough. Enough new policies of exclusion, of marginalization, impoverishment and competition. Let us look for the political confrontation – let us step in for social rights beyond borders, let us make the camp of solidarity visible and let us resist both the right bloc as well as technocratic middle. Let us follow the invitation by the coalition “Aufstehen gegen Rassismus“ (Rise up against Racism) to a nationwide weekend of actions against the right. Let us send a strong signal in the morning of September 2 at the Labor Ministry in Berlin. And after that, let us meet at different places of inner and outer borders to tear them down together. No matter where we are from or how long we have lived in this city: let us resist together in Berlin. And on September 3 we want to send a strong signal ­ against the borders, against the right­wing incitement, and against the social conditions that make it socially acceptable throughout Europe.

This could be the starting point for a different calendar, for a strong year of struggles until autumn 2017. With a European summit in spring in Berlin and a campaign against the G20 meeting in summer in Hamburg let us turn German politics into the transnational matter that it has been for a long time already. For a social upheaval against racism, nationalism and social indifference – for a Europe for all!

In order to prepare all this, we invite you to a nationwide preparatory meeting. We want to make use of the gathering of “Welcome2Stay” from June 10­12 in Leipzig in order to get in touch with everyone there and to discuss, plan and implement with everyone interested the action weekend on September 2/3.

  • Come to the meeting of the Blockupy action working group on Saturday, June 11, from 10­ 12:00 for the concrete planning of action ideas and possible Blockupy character. And join us at the workshop “What to do against the right­wing rollback?“, also Saturday from 17:30­ – 19:30, in which we want to deliberate together with other coalitions on possible activities against the right in September. More infos about the programm, location, etc: http://welcome2stay.org/de/programm/ or write us to: kontakt@blockupy.org
  • And come to Berlin on July 10 for the next nationwide Blockupy meeting to take concrete agreements before the summer break.