Letter to our friends and comrades

Dear friends and comrades,
Dear Blockupist@s International,

It has been a while that you heard from us. This is not just because we are on summer break but, more importantly, because we are – as you hopefully know – in the middle of preparing the next Blockupy actions days in early September in Berlin as part of a larger mobilization against growing dynamics of racism and right-wing (populism) in Germany.

Two weeks ago, on July 22, we eventually “packed our boxes and moved from Frankfurt to Berlin” – visiting the labour ministry with our boxes full of demands and energy.

We have talked about these plans for September and the next mobilizations, about shifted constellations in Germany (and Europe) in the big Blockupy consultation meeting in February, in the subsequent activist meetings, in Athens and in the conference calls of Blockupy International. But we never took the time to write down some thoughts and update you more reguarly on the preparation, and new mobilization materials (see our latest texts in English). This is why despite the summer break we are taking the fast approaching September as opportunity to update you and to also send you the latest Blockupy text for the September weekend.

So, why have we “moved”, what are our plans for the first weekend of September and why do we participate in a mobilization of a larger alliance in Germany against racism and the right-wing? We know that there is not one political center for what is happening all over Europe right now; in fact there never has been only one. The times are turbulent. On the one hand, we can witness numerous ongoing but also new struggles all across Europe – from Greece via Spain right to France. Despite the particularities of each, an invisible thread is somehow connecting these struggles: the refusal to neoliberal austerity policies, the refusal to a murderous border regime and European foreign policy, the refusal to authoritarian policy implementation, the refusal to policies of impoverishment and social division, which have prepared the breeding ground for the rise of the far right everywhere in Europe.

On the other hand, we can however also witness multiple, continuous and new attacks from the technocratic neoliberal center as well as the populist right. And latest the Brexit has been confronted us with the emergence of false, nationalist alternatives to the “no alternative” regime of the neoliberal European elites. These multiple attacks need to be fought against in our respective contexts, since they take specific shapes of power as well as alliances of protest. However, we think that it is utterly important to find ways to make visible the “invisible threads” that are connecting apparently particular austerity regimes, right-wing mobilizations, impoverishment and centers of power.

For that reason, we have accepted the invitation by the German coalition “Stand Up Against Racism” to join their broad mass demonstration on Saturday, September 3, in Berlin. It will be a strong signal and coming together of all those protesting against right-wing populism and the party that is embodying the right-wing threat most strongly in Germany at the moment, the “Alternative for Germany” (AfD). However, we all know that right-wing populism never emerges out of context. It needs the societal and political conditions to rise, to attract support and to become a potentially strong voice.

This is why we as Blockupy mobilize to this weekend in Berlin under the motto ”Back to work: exit austerity – exit fortress Europe – exit capitalism”. We will participate in the march on September 3 with our own bloc under the motto: “boundlessly solidary, boundlessly anticapitalist, boundlessly feminist”.

More importantly, we also call for an “extra” day of action on Friday, September 2, to make visible all across Berlin Europe´s internal and external borders and the borders between the top and the bottom. And in the current situation the right target for us is a (governmental) institution: the German labour ministry. As Blockupy, we want to block the German labour ministry in the morning and mark it as one central place of the politics of precarity and impoverishment, of borders and of hierarchizing misery, of the export of Agenda 2010 (France sends its greetings!) and the German role model.

A few days ago, the Ministry tightened yet again the Hartz IV laws. Moreover, there are current attempts to legally exclude EU migrants from social rights and to create 80cents jobs for “useful” refugees. For us, this is just another example for the social division along national lines drawn by this institution of the elites, promoting not only exploitation but also racism. We reject these politics of impoverishment, exclusion and drawing of borders – and we will disturb and be active in the places where those policies are planned and implemented: in the party headquarters of the right-wing populist AfD as well as of the supposed „center“, in the job centers of this world and last but not least the various lobby associations of the capital.

For when if not now, who if not us can counter the racists division of the inside and outside with the social conflict between the top and the bottom.

For us as Blockupy participating in the mobilization of this “other” coalition in Germany makes perfect sense. With our particular voice we seek to push for a strong mobilization and alliance against right-wing forces of all kinds and colours. Furthermore, we will re-strengthen our territorial voice and thereby also re-strengthen a left-wing anti-austerity voice within the German struggles. Even if territorial in its scope (not a common European mobilization), this mobilization is however deeply transnational in its character and we perceive it as our contribution to highlight the underlying European dimension throughout this weekend. In understanding austerity policies and social division as the central element of these right-wing forces in Germany as well as in Europe, we perceive this mobilization as a crucial element of European struggles.

We will be back on the streets, fighting for a Europe from below and a Europe without borders. And we are hopeful that this will be also a step towards a next, necessarily common European mobilization in Brussels, Berlin, Hamburg or Paris!

Feel warmly welcomed to join us in Berlin or to support our struggle by planning solidarity actions in your citites and sharing photos or reports of Go Ins, events, rallies, creative and direct action that stand in solidarity with our September mobilization.

However, we also hope for a different “support”: Let’s continue in our common endeavor of a European wide, transnational politics from below by connecting all the activities we are engaged in to exit austerity, the fortress Europe, capitalism and authoritarian rule. Let’s start in September with a next semester of struggles – a semester of struggles both against the neoliberal austerity policies of the technocratic center as well as the racism of the populist right. Let’s show our common refusal of this system of exclusion and social division.

Also read the newest Blockupy call for the first weekend of September .

For further question write to: international@blockupy-frankfurt.org