Invitation to the International Preparatory Meeting for Blockupy 2013

April 27th 2013, 11 am to 5 pm

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Gewerkschaftshaus (Trade Union Building), Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 69-77, Frankfurt am Main (

Blockupy in May 2012 was only the beginning. We are coming back to Frankfurt: Back into the financial district of the city with mass actions of civil disobedience (e.g. the blockade of the ECB) on a weekday (May 31st), and back with a strong and lively European / International march on the next day (June 1st). To read the Blockupy Call, to sign and spread it go to or write to

We are inviting you now – friends and comrades, various movements and organizations from all over Europe and beyond – to become part of the international preparatory process, to join us at the international preparatory meeting on Saturday, April 27th in Frankfurt (11am -5 pm).

In this meeting we want to present the preparations as things are now as well as discuss necessary changes and new plans of actions. We will especially talk about everything needed to enable international participation. Below you’ll find a draft of the proposed agenda for the meeting. We can present the decisions and proposals of that meeting at the general Blockupy meeting the following day, April 28th (same location), everybody of you is welcome to join!

Proposed Agenda for April 27th (additions always welcome!)

11:00 am
Welcome and introduction by everyone and from the countries’ mobilizations / interests / ideas…

11:45 pm
Information on already established framework of the actions days by the Blockupy alliance with specific information on actions on 31st of May (where, what, how, consensus etc.), on the march on June 1st, on the Camp/accommodation, the planed program, other practicalities (legal team etc.).

12:15 pm
Discussion on open questions, needs, so far ‘forgotten’ issues, missed links

12:45 pm
Idea of an International Call/Invitation to participate in Blockupy -presentation of the draft

1:00 pm
Lunch break (there is nothing at the building, but many small places nearby)

1:45 pm
Discussion of the draft for the international call/invitation to participate in Blockupy and how to finalize it

2:30 pm
What to bring into the process from the “international perspective: What is needed for the international mobilization and networking, what can we do? Ideas/proposals for further actions / events / discussion/ assemblies at the Blockupy days -how to bring that into place?

3:30 pm
Coffee break

4:00 pm
Next steps and decisions to take: what to bring into the general meeting; how to organize the work process and networking, and beyond Blockupy 2013: next possible steps for European organizing (Alter Summit/Athens, ECB opening in 2014, how to build on the European process)

5:00 pm
closing of the meeting

Everybody is welcome and invited to take part in the meeting. Please let us know, if you want to come and send an email to Please spread the word.

We have already started an international (English language) mailing list to work out some of the issues. If you resp. your group/ organization/ movement want to join that work process, send an empty email to . Or simply write to us with your proposals, news from your countries/regions, ideas about mobilization ….

For further information in English see our updates at:

We are looking forward to seeing you at the meeting, April the 27th and in the streets of Frankfurt!

Blockupy Alliance*, April 2013

* The Blockupy alliance in Germany consists of numerous groups, organizations and individuals who are active in different social and political collectives or currents. So far the following structures take part: Attac-activists, unions, antiracist networks, parties like “Die Linke”, Occupy-activists, unemployed initiatives, student groups, North-South, peace and environmental initiatives, the leftyouth [‘solid], the green youth, as well as radical left associations like Interventionist Left and …Ums Ganze!-Alliance