A10 Germany’s Role in the Crisis

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  • Sabine Wils MEP / GUE/NGL Group, European Parliament (Germany)
  • Yiannis Bournos, SYRIZA, Board of European Left Paty (Greece)
  • Catarina Principe, Left Bloc, DIE LINKE.SDS – (Portugal)

“German is spoken again in Europe” – This quote of the CDU politician Volker Kauder shows Germany’s unashamed claim to hegemony in Europe. In demonstrations against the effects of the crisis, Angela Merkel and Wolfgang Schäuble are rightly being identified as the creators of the destructive austerity policies.

In this workshop we want to illuminate the role and interests of Germany in the European crisis management as well as to discuss the implications of the “German model” of the “Agenda 2010” Policy.