A6 We don’t owe, we won’t pay! – Citizen Debt Audits

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International Citizen Debt Audit Network – ICAN (European Network), Committee for the Abolishment of Third-World Debt – CADTM (Belgium), Citizens Debt Audit Platform – PACD (Spain), Attac (Greece, Germany)

Troika Watch (European Network)

All over Europe different campaigns are already up trying to bring to the attention of the public the issue of public indebtedness and the struggle against illegitimate debts. At the European and Mediterranean level it already exists a network, the International Citizens Audit Network (ICAN) which tries to put together all those different national experiences of public debt audit.

A citizen audit is a mecanism that investigates the roots of indebtedness of public entities through the activism of simple citizens in order to identify and repudiate illegitimate debts (namely, those not spended for the common good). This workshop will try to focus on all this problematics and to spread over the virtous circle of citizen audits.