A7 Crisis Regime – Border Regime

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Transnational Perspectives for Migrant and Refugee Struggles, Citizenship and Social Rights

Activists from Refugee Strike, Berlin (Germany), Melting Pot Europe (Italy), Global Project (Italy), Coordanimento Migranti, Bologna (Italy), Alliance against Deportation / no one is illegal Rhein-Main (Germany)

This workshop takes up discussions at the transnational meeting of sans-papiers networks in Rome (November 18) and Agora99 in Rome (November 1-3) about new concepts of inclusive social rights and citizenship as well as concrete plans for fighting against the EU border and asylum regime at a transnational level.

Now we want to bring various outcomes and perspectives together and discuss how to coordinate better between refugee and migration struggles and anti-austerity protests: what conditions do we need for better coordination? What can we do together with view to 2014?