B4 Yes? No? Maybe, but Different? What do you think about Europe?

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DIE LINKE (Germany), Interventionist Left – IL (Germany), Inputs from Syriza (Greece) – TBC

European elections are to be held in late May 2014, but already electoral successes of right-wing and (petit) bourgeois nationalist parties are looming. In France, the far right “Front National” comes first in election polls leaving Socialists and Conservatives behind. In Germany, the new “Alternative for Germany” is expected to make it into EU-parliament. In many countries, such as the Netherlands, Hungary, and the Scandinavian countries, right-wing populist parties have recently established themselves in mainstream politics. What do these expected election victories mean to the left as a whole? Do elections not matter at all for the non-parliamentary left? How should the parliamentary left deal with right-wing Euro-criticism?

In 2014, Blockupy is mobilising against the Troika, EU austerity politics and the power of the financial sector. So, whether we like it or not, Blockupy finds itself confronted with the political and strategic question: “What do we think about Europe and the EU?” That is why, in this workshop, we will hear differing opinions from left European members of parliament and non-parliamentary groups. We want to discuss the different critical arguments deriving from the different social struggles and want to approach what could be a common Blockupy position criticising the EU. We want to talk about the European elections and discuss how (un-)important they are for us. Most importantly we will discuss how we could criticise this imperial project with a mass impact?