B5 Rights of EU Migrants in Germany

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Linke Hilfe Wiesbaden (Germany)

The German government decided in 2012 to close the German borders for European citizens, regardless their right of unrestricted mobility. People who decided to migrate due to the economic crisis in their country (e.g. Spain, Portugal, Greece) were excluded from social contributions. On the other hand “poverty-immigration into the social systems” from Romania or Bulgaria should be stopped. The result are people who live under most precarious conditions (living squeezed together indormitories, having no access to health care, working for less than one euro per hour). Additionally they experience daily discrimination (especially Romani people). Every single person has to file a suit for their right of social benefit on their own – in case they know about their rights and find help to do so. Social Initiatives are overextended with extreme fates and need to spend a lot of time to help in singular cases.

The topics of the workshop: How can we help to empower migrants for the inevitable hassles and which ideas do we have to help them in their struggles, how can we find creative action forms to call attention for their live situations and to fight out our social struggles together?