Fall 2014: Planning towards resistance at the opening of the new ECB

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A new headquarter and building for the ECB – a central part of the Troika politics – is planned to be opened in the fall of 2014 in Frankfurt. It is (probably) planned to celebrate the opening with main political and economical representatives of Europe/the EU.

The European Blockupy Alliance wants to take the opening and celebration as the opportunity to celebrate in our own ways: with an European mobilization and international days of resistance in Frankfurt, with manifestations, various different kinds of actions, blockades and actions of civil disobedience.

The workshop is planned to be an European wide, transnational space for discussing possible settings for Blockupy 2014 and our visions regarding different types of actions.

– Which proposals with which ambitions, objects and goals are already on the table?
– What does the change in the framework mean to the EZB Action Days? (Presupposed there will be a kind of summit in the city, and the fact of inaccessable building compaired to the former EZB in the city center)
– Due to the action-picture and the action-consensus, how can we get and stay with Blockupy as an overall wide, leftist coalition and further more enlarge it on a transnational level?
– How can Blockupy actualy be and stay a disobedient disturbance? How can Blockupy result into strong pictures offering actions for mass participation? How much collectivly focus do we need regarding timeline, topic and the spaces of action?
– Which collectiv european issue match with the actual european struggles and Blockupy?