Camp anticapitalista

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campPolitical and social meeting place for Blockupy is the action camp. No later than Thursday 30 May we come, assets and reference groups, there together and preparing ourselves together.

The camp is set up on Monday (27.5.) – Opened and Wednesday (29.5.).

With larger and smaller meeting tents. This function Tents for information, registration, legal assistance, Sani’s, material, media, etc. people’s kitchen, bar, toilets, OutofAction area including are then locally.
There is enough space: you must bring your own tents to sleep. We want a barrio structure of the various spectra involved and initiatives autonomously organize their tent village. It is the joint responsibility that it is good for everyone. We expect a respectful interaction . Once available you will find Camp Address, Driving Directions, maps, program texts to a shared code, the camp structure including on the camp site.
When you arrive in Anmelde-/Infozelt reports.

Thus the camp for four days will be a real basis for Blockupy, 2013, we urgently need many helpers! You can save us from sleepless nights if you are already telling you that and where you want to be happy to take layers.

Report to: help [at] or camp [at]

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