Waiting no more. Staying in movement. Blockupy 2013

It's no weekend getaway to travel from afar to Frankfurt and remain for some days. We don't have thermal blankets to offer. We know that resistance against the capitalist crisis is a social relation, whose place is daily life, everywhere. Still, it can be worth it to bring the struggles of daily life together in an exemplary manner. It can be worth it to set the political tone by ourselves. A message from the Interventionist Left We'll be back. Blockupy 2012 was only the first spark of a … [Read more...]

Let’s care! Let’s dance! Let’s bloccupy – the feminist way! Shake up social and economic conditions – the care revolution!

This year blocupy is once again staging the European Protest Days in Frankfurt / Main to protest against the European Union's crisis regime. On 31st May and 1st June 2013 we want to join together to bring resistence against the politics of poverty, induced by the Government and the Troika – the ECB, the EU Commission and the IMF – and bring the resistence into the centre of the european crisis regime: to the headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB) and to many German banks and companies – … [Read more...]

the general character of the demonstration, Saturday June 1st 2013

Opening rally at Baseler Platz: 11 a.m. Closing rally with statements by delegates from European struggles and assemblies on the future of resistance at Willi Brandt Platz: 4 p.m. The protest against the dictated crisis regimes and the resistance against the politics of impoverishment by the troika – ECB, EU Commission and IMF – continues this year as well. At the center of the choreography of protest are the mass blockades and actions of civil disobedience on Friday May 31st and the … [Read more...]

May 31st: Blockupy Deportation Airport!

Call for action at Frankfurt Airport as part of "Blockupy Flooding!" on 31st May in Frankfurt. Jingle Frankfurt is one of the centres of the European crisis regime. One of Germany's most popular exports " austerity politics " makes its way to Europe and the whole world from here. At the same time, Frankfurt is one of the crossroads of the EU"s racist border and deportation regime. The "Rhein-Main Airport", a fundamental part of "Global City Frankfurt", is Germany's number one … [Read more...]

From the crisis’ edges to the power’s core

International Call to Participate in Blockupy 2013 in Frankfurt May 30th to June 1st and other struggles against the Troika Everywhere we resist and revolt against the crisis and its governance, we put strength in living struggles and conflicts, and on these pillars we build and weave a new Europe that is born from grassroots. The Europe we live in, far from the noble thoughts that might have inspired it once upon a time, has been built by a top-down process, driven by pacts and agreements … [Read more...]

Overall vision for the actions and blockades on Friday May 31st in the financial district of Frankfurt and beyond…

Like in 2012, a broad coalition of organizations, initiatives and networks call for the Blockupy days of action in Frankfurt – seat of the European Central Bank, many other banks and other stakeholders of the crisis. With Blockupy we send out a message of international solidarity against the Troika ́s politics of impoverishment and its dramatic effects. It is time to take the step from publicly protesting the crisis politics towards resisting them by means of civil disobedience. The … [Read more...]

The Blockupy Action Agreements for Friday, May 31st 2013

The blockades and actions are part of the European days of action of the Blockupy coalition against the crisis politics of impoverishment by the Troika. On May 31st and June 1st we take our protest and resistance to the streets with blockades and creative actions, public events and demonstrations. We are in solidarity with everybody who shares the goals to resist the authoritarian crisis management and the politics of the Troika, to defend the democratic and social rights of Europe ́s employed, … [Read more...]

Invitation to the International Preparatory Meeting for Blockupy 2013

April 27th 2013, 11 am to 5 pm Facebook Event | PDF Gewerkschaftshaus (Trade Union Building), Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 69-77, Frankfurt am Main (http://goo.gl/maps/OJCfr) Blockupy in May 2012 was only the beginning. We are coming back to Frankfurt: Back into the financial district of the city with mass actions of civil disobedience (e.g. the blockade of the ECB) on a weekday (May 31st), and back with a strong and lively European / International march on the next day (June 1st). To read … [Read more...]

April 27th, 2013: International preparatory meeting in Frankfurt

On April 27th a international preparatory meeting for Blockupy 2013 will be held in Frankfurt. In this meeting we want to present the preparations as things are now and to discuss all necessary changes and actions still to take, and especially talk about everything that is needed to make an international participation possible. The meeting will be held in English language. The decisions of the International meeting will be presented in the big general meeting of Blockupy activists on the … [Read more...]

International invitation to join the preparatory process

The Blockupy actions in May 2012 were only the beginning. In 2013 we are coming back to Frankfurt again. Our aim is again to block the ECB and many more targets in the financial district. In Germany the preparatory process has already started. Big meetings have been held and working groups have been formed. The days of action have been fixed: May 31st and June 1st 2013. … [Read more...]