Rome, 2.11.2014: Let’s Strike Back Against the Precarization of Labour and Life!

Call from the Strike Meeting to the European Movements and Networks - On November 14th, we, precarious workers, migrants, industry and public sector workers, students, autonomous workers, men and women, will strike against the condition of subordination which the labour regimes and the European policies want to impose on us. November 14th will be for us a social strike, a strike that should be general and generalized, precarious and metropolitan: a first experiment for the struggles to … [Read more...]

Minutes of the Brussels Assembly – „Building together a transnational space for an Europe from below“ on Sept. 26th/27th 2014

After having discussed the outcomes of the May of Solidarity 2014, the Blockupy international coordinating group called for a transnational meeting on protests against the EU crisis policies to take place in Brussels. The message of the May action days, „Solidarity beyond borders, building democracy from below!“ found much resonance, but obviously a strong transnational movement is still to come. It will depend on the struggles taking place in our daily life but also on our ways to develop a … [Read more...]

Towards a Europe from below! Open assembly of networks and social movements in Brussels

Tomorrow: Open assembly of networks and social movements in Brussels 26/27 September We, as Blockupy international coordinating group, called for an open transnational meet-up in Brussels. This is a broader meet-up after our last meeting in Berlin in June of this year, in which we discussed the outcomes of the May of Solidarity and the Blockupy process : We are convinced it is time to continue building a powerful practical perspective ; time to strategize about how to link existing struggles … [Read more...]

#talk #dance #act – Come down from the balcony! Frankfurt Blockupy Festival November 20-23, 2014

We will not wait for the appointments of the rulers – we will set our own agenda. Even if it will be 2015 before the ECB holds its hors d’oeurve event of prominent faces to inaugurate its new tower, Blockupy will be in Frankfurt this fall. Now, after the “May of Solidarity” across Europe and before the blockade of the ECB inauguration next year, is the right time: we will discuss, we will bring together our struggles and make plans. We will meet to music, with a beer, at a film. And, of … [Read more...]

Blockupy International Invites Movements, Networks, Organisations to an Open Assembly in Brussels. September 26-27

Call for building together a transnational space of initiative for a Europe from below, through, against and beyond current Europe We, as Blockupy international coordinating group, met in Berlin on June 21st, to discuss the outcomes of the May of Solidarity and the future perspectives. During the days of mobilization actions were various and rich, and we valued positively that many have been organized from outside the May of Solidarity process. We also agreed that, though the Blockupy process … [Read more...]

Statement of Solidarity for the March for Freedom

The March for Freedom has reached Brussels, after marching for one month from Strasbourg via Saarbrucken, Schengen and Luxembourg. With the March for Freedom, hundreds of refugees, migrants and supporters defied the national borders imposed on them and us. They took their right to free movement which is denied to them. With them, the international coalition of Blockupy raises its voice for this right and the right to study and work for everybody. With them, we oppose the deportation of … [Read more...]

Statement +++ May of Solidarity sent a message across Europe

May of Solidarity sent a message across Europe: Let's fight together and build a transnational movement of resistance in and through Europe and beyond! Let's cross borders in solidarity and build democracy from below! Solidarity beyond Borders - Building Democracy from Below was the motto for a May of Solidarity and Action Days just before the European elections. Launched by the transnational European coordination of and for Blockupy it was a powerful moment of Europe-wide mobilization and … [Read more...]

Blockupy International coalition +++ Press release +++ 19th of May 2014

"Our democracy and solidarity goes far beyond elections." + movements across Europe participate in the days of action + Demonstrations and civil disobedience for democracy, solidarity and commons. Tens of thousands in several countries participated in the first part of the European days of action "solidarity beyond borders - building democracy from below". Eleonora Cappuccilli from Bologna gives a first résumé for Blockupy international: "Many initiatives joined the action days … [Read more...]

Lets tackle Apple!

Coordinated actions at 16th and 17th of May against the global chains of exploitation In the frame of we will organise protests and civil disobidience simultanously in various European cities in front of Apple stores. We will denounce Apple as profiteer of the global chains of exploitation, as symbol of “modern contract manufacturing” benefitting from the global wage hierarchies. The current crisis policy involves austerity programmes in Europe with the result of … [Read more...]

European days of action – Blockupy international press release

International Blockupy coalition Press release 7th of May 2014 “Europe: not only elections, but actions for solidarity and democracy from below!” + Europeanwide days of action from 15th to 25th of May + International press conference at blockades of “Business Europe” Summit - Brussels, May 15th, 10 am, Petit Sablon Before the election of the European Parliament social movement activists, altermondialists, migrants, precarious and industry workers, party members and unionists and … [Read more...]