Athens, Blockupy, and Europe: democracy and solidarity are borderless

Blockupy International supports the week of anti-austerity mobilization for Greece and calls for building up an alternative World Refugee Day In March we took the squares of Frankfurt with ten thousands of people from around Europe and blocked the opening of the new headquarter of the ECB to state that “their Europe” is neither speaking in our name nor we think of the ECB, the Troika, the Europe of capital as a solution to “the crisis”. To the contrary, the endless debt spiral is drowning … [Read more...]

For the European Spring – Taking a new step!

Thaw is setting in as the European Spring announces itself. The ice of the European crisis regime – of Troika mandates and ruthless impoverishment policy – is clearly showing cracks. That which appeared without alternative and was only to be enforced technocratically has returned to the political stage as an open question. The Europe of capital and austerity, the Europe of a German head teacher and mandated homework has been challenged. First and foremost, this is the merit of the movements … [Read more...]

Our time to act has come! Transnational actions against the European Central Bank’s opening: March 18th 2015 in Frankfurt

2015 began with something unheard of. The people in Greece stood up against all threats from Europe and elected a new left government. This, after 5 years of ruining the country of Greece, where the people lived in constant struggle against the humanitarian crisis and social destruction. A government was elected to stand up to the European institutions, rather than to accept more austerity measures imposed on its people. We support the decision by the Greek people to reject the neoliberal … [Read more...]

Instead of a comment: Let’s make our choice. #18M

Commentary on the outcome of the Greek elections by the Blockupy Coordinating Committee; February 1st, 2015 We have waited far too long for the ECB to announce the date of the festive non/opening of their new headquarters. During this time we have asked ourselves whether we’ve repeated a mistake from the anti-globalization movement: making ourselves dependent on the agenda and calendars of the rulers. Now we can say: that mistake was our lucky break. Because something has happened. The … [Read more...]

Blockupy referring to the elections in Greece: The chance of upraise turns up from the street

On January the 25th there will be elections in Greece. A left majority and a new government that breaks with the dictate of austerity coming from Berlin and Brussels appear within reach. For millions of people who have lost their jobs, their health care and their income, this gives hope. And that applies not only for Greece but also beyond. Similar processes of self-organization are in progress in Spain, and a broader break with the inquisitional austerity policies now seems possible. The … [Read more...]

Towards a Europe from below! Open assembly of networks and social movements in Brussels

Tomorrow: Open assembly of networks and social movements in Brussels 26/27 September We, as Blockupy international coordinating group, called for an open transnational meet-up in Brussels. This is a broader meet-up after our last meeting in Berlin in June of this year, in which we discussed the outcomes of the May of Solidarity and the Blockupy process : We are convinced it is time to continue building a powerful practical perspective ; time to strategize about how to link existing struggles … [Read more...]

Statement of Solidarity for the March for Freedom

The March for Freedom has reached Brussels, after marching for one month from Strasbourg via Saarbrucken, Schengen and Luxembourg. With the March for Freedom, hundreds of refugees, migrants and supporters defied the national borders imposed on them and us. They took their right to free movement which is denied to them. With them, the international coalition of Blockupy raises its voice for this right and the right to study and work for everybody. With them, we oppose the deportation of … [Read more...]

Statement +++ May of Solidarity sent a message across Europe

May of Solidarity sent a message across Europe: Let's fight together and build a transnational movement of resistance in and through Europe and beyond! Let's cross borders in solidarity and build democracy from below! Solidarity beyond Borders - Building Democracy from Below was the motto for a May of Solidarity and Action Days just before the European elections. Launched by the transnational European coordination of and for Blockupy it was a powerful moment of Europe-wide mobilization and … [Read more...]

“Taksim is everywhere, and everywhere, there is resistance” – The struggle for democracy is a global struggle

Calling the Action Alliance "Taksim is everywhere and everywhere is resistance" A protest against the construction of a shopping mall has turned into a battle for democracy. When, at the end of May, a group of environmentalists, anticapitalist anti-gentrification campaigners, feminists, anti-racist groups and Kurdish BDP-parliamentarians began to occupy Gezi Park, nobody could yet imagine what the results would be. Only a few days later, hundreds of thousands were gathering on neighbouring … [Read more...]

They want capitalism without democracy, we want democracy without capitalism

Statement of the Blockupy coordinating committee, 5.6.2013 (...) Blockupy has achieved an important political victory. The attack on our demonstration has turned into a political disaster for the interior ministry and the representatives of the authoritarian politics of crisis ‘resolution’. We are determined to continue preparing further actions at the European Central Bank, this raw nerve of the European crisis regime, where protest is so obviously effective and thus clearly undesirable. … [Read more...]