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Economic Crisis: Reasons – Consequences Developments

Friday | 21st November | 10 a.m.-1p.m. Saalbau Bockenheim | Schwälmer Straße 28 | Clubraum 3

Responsible: Deutsche Kommunistische Partei (DKP) Language: German



The European Central Bank: Firefighter and Arsonist

Friday | 21st November | 10 a.m.-1p.m. Saalbau Bockenheim | Schwälmer Straße 28 | Clubraum 2

Leftist critique of the ECB turned out to be diffuse and contradictory, not only since Mario Draghi stated the ECB would do anything to keep the Euro alive. The European Central Bank is still one of the fiercest agitators concerned with the implementation of austerity policies in European countries. However, this image gets blurred when ECB directors demand a stronger investment activity, amongst others from the German federal government, to increase domestic demand.

In this workshop we will investigate how the ECB adheres and in some cases even pushes austerity policies with its instruments. Its recently expanded program for the purchase of bonds will be discussed as well as possible alternatives.

With Karsten Peters, Stephan Lindner (Attac Deutschland) Language: German



Handicraft Workshop for Direct Action

Friday | 21st November | 10 a.m. Saturday | 22nd of November | 2 p.m. Studierendenhaus | University campus Bockenheim | Mertonstraße 26-28 | basement

A direct action will take place on Saturday. You will be given the chance to paint banners and cartons / packing cases, to build body protection, protest tools and other stuff that assists us in arguing against austerity policies of the European crisis regime. We can provide some material for you (paint, cartons, etc.), but cannot guarantee complete service and provision. So please,

if possible, bring with you the stuff needed. If you have any questions on the spot, a contact person will be there.

Language: German/English



What’s to be done? About the fundamental right to freedom of assembly – and how the state is continuously maltreating it

Friday | 21st November | 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Saalbau Bockenheim | Schwälmer Straße 28 | Clubraum 3

The freedom of assembly is guaranteed by the constitution. The city of Frankfurt, its police and administrative authority ignored this fundamental right for the participants of Blockupy in 2012 and 2013 – and not only for them. In 2013 a big part of the demonstration was even cordoned off by the police, encircled for 10 hours – with the effect that a whole mass demonstration was stopped and basically cancelled.
Often, through legal battles, we might win some victories, however, that can’t be and shouldn’t be enough, of course. The right to assemble freely in self-determination has to be fought for continuously – in court, on the streets, in public discourse. Based on the history of these political and legal battles in Germany, we want to explore the possibilities of how to push for change in these (and other) cases.
Elke Steven, Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie
Language: German


Actiontraining: Flowing and Blocking

Friday | 21st November | 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Studierendenhaus | University campus Bockenheim | Mertonstr. 26-28 | Raum K 1
A practical introduction into (Blockupy-)actions: Affinity groups and decision making, flowing and blocking with the body. Organizer:
skills for action Language: German



Feminist direct action workshop: War starts here! (Only for women)

Friday | 21st November | 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Meeting point: In front of the Studierendenhaus
University campus Bockenheim | Mertonstr. 26-28

Our feminist practice includes the fight against war, militarism, and capitalism, the primary cause of the foregoing. Part of
the militarization of society is an increased public appearance of the Bundeswehr, taken as naturally. As left-winged, feminist women we exclaim against army recruiters – whether in schools, employment centres, or public places -:

you won’t get our children!
In an action-oriented workshop, we invite all participants to develop ideas and examples of resistance!

With Nina Eumann, Katharina Schwabedissen (LISA) Language: German (fly translation possible)


Poverty is everywhere – join together in resistance!

Friday | 21st November | 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. starting point: Hauptwache in front of Katharinenkirche

In a city tour we will visit the places connected with poverty. There, we want to show the social ramifications of German style social reforms (e.g. Hartz 4) and Troika-policy in Europe. Furthermore we want to discuss with persons affected by poverty and social expulsion and passers-by: we look into the causes of poverty and want to try out and practice common forms of resistance.

Stops: Shining shop windows and cold sleeping places; increasingly more and more people have little, while few have more; justice and democracy; commemorating the victims of
Troika (at sunset)

We‘ll meet on Friday, 2014-11-21 at 2 p.m. at Hauptwache/Zeil in front of St. Catherine‘s Church (N50° 6.804 E8° 40.7538), and finish about 5 p.m. at Eiserner Steg/Main-River (N50° 6.5298 E8° 40.9146).

This workshop is barrier-free, but in German language only – we‘d be glad of translations.

Initiators: Frankfurter Netzwerk der sozialen Arbeit, AG Frankfurter Erwerbslose in Aktion (FELIA) und AG Betrieb und Gewerkschaft der Partei DIE LINKE, Hessisches Erwerbslosennetzwerk, Bündnis „auf Recht bestehen“ Language: German


City tour: Boom and crisis in the city. Gentrification and displacement in the neighborhood Gallus in Frankfurt/M

Friday | 21st November | 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. the tour will take approximately two hours and will start at the railway station Galluswarte, exit Frankenallee.

Gentrification describes neighborhood-based upgrading processes and the associated displacement of population groups with low income. Following the global crisis of 2008 we currently witness a renewed increase in such processes in many cities in Germany and elsewhere. Using the neighborhood Gallus in Frankfurt as an example, the city walk tries to discover and reveal these dynamics and trace the influence public and private actors have on these developments.

Organizer: AK Kritische Geographie Language: German


City tour: Student movement and critical theory in 1968 in Frankfurt

Friday | 21st November | 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. in front of KOZ, Studierendenhaus |
University campus Bockenheim

In 1968 the city of Frankfurt was one of the centers of the revolt. Here some of the fiercest demonstrations and street revolts took place, especially around the University. On the basis of some central places, the city tour will give an impression of the atmosphere and the history of the protest that gradually also reached beyond the University. From the return of the Institute for Social Research, the conflict over Vietnam and the legacy of National Socialism, up to the fragmentation of the left into the so called “K-groups” and “Spontis”, workplace and housing struggles as well as international networking, the tour attempts to explore the history of the „68ers“, at a stroll. Language: German


Solidarity with Greece in the context of intensified political and social crisis in Greece and the EU

Friday | 21st November | 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Studierendenhaus | University campus Bockenheim | Mertonstr. 26-28 | 2. Floor | Room K 4

In February 2015 a new state president has to be elected by the Greek parliament (180 out of 300 votes are required). If the election fails, parliament will be re-elected at the beginning of April. As currently strongest party Syriza could provide the government with a political program, which intends to break with neoliberal austerity policy. How much of this program can be pushed through depends on the strength of European and also German solidarity with the Greek population. In this workshop we will discuss the current situation in Greece. Approaches of solidarity work will be presented and ways for a better coordination of hitherto fragmented and individualised solidarity with Greece are to be debated. Amongst others the internet platform Aconomy, a mass event taking place in Berlin the next spring, the destructive politics of the Troika and of the conservative Greek government as well as alternatives for Greece and Europe will be examined.

With Gerhard Bock (Arbeitsgruppe „Griechenlandsolidarität“ from Attac Deutschland), Paul Michel (internationale sozialistische linke – isl), Tom (Antifaschistische Linke Düsseldorf), Kölner Griechenland-Solidaritätskomitee, Gregor Kritidis (requested)

Organized by: Initiative zur Vernetzung der Griechenland-Solidarität
Language: German


What has TTIP to do with EU crisis policy?

Friday | 21st November | 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Saalbau Bockenheim | Schwälmer Straße 28 | Clubraum 2

TTIP, CETA, TiSA – a new wave of neoliberal globalization is hiding behind these abbreviations, this time not only affecting tariff regulations. Manifold trade barriers are planned to be diminished – from consumer protection and environmental standards to the regulation of finance. We would like to present the political ideas behind these intentions for people without much previous knowledge and give an overview about the processes that are currently taking place. Furthermore we would like to get into a discussion over resistance, which will also be continued the next day in the workshop “from Troika to TTIP” by the parliamentary group DIE LINKE. Im Bundestag.

With Steffen Stierle und Roland Süß (Attac Deutschland) Language: German


Internal migration in Europe and organizing of migrants

Friday | 21st November | 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Studierendenhaus | University campus Bockenheim | Mertonstr. 26-28 | Festsaal

The European youth labor market, characterized by high unemployment rates and inter-regional and continental mobility,
is being redefined on the basis of the new generation of people who migrate in search of work. Europe‘s internal migrations
are growing in number and changing in nature. This is parallel to new processes of exploitation, social differentiation and polarization between South and North, East and West. How to organize the skilled and young precarious workers within the European labour market? How to defend against capitalistic exploitation based on geographical differences? The aim of this workshop is to share experiences, inviting groups that are organizing migrant workers from Spain, Italy, Greece and Poland in Germany.
Vanessa Bilancetti (Esc\Dinamo Press, Rome),
Phil Butland, Judith Benda (DIE LINKE)
Language: English


Obstacles to an effective participation of trade unions in processes like Alter Summit, Blockupy or other «alliances»

Friday | 21st November | 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Haus der Jugend | Deutschherrnufer 12 | Großer Saal

At present, trade unions are not taking part sufficiently in alliances like Blockupy or AlterSummit. Given the self-declared task of these alliances to struggle against austerity, TTIP and for “real democracy” in Europe, the low participation of trade unions is really a problem and shows a clear weakness of these alliances. In this workshop we would like to discuss the reasons for this situation and the specific strategies of trade unions in various EU countries in the face of the current restructuring of the EU.

With Felipe Van Keirsbilck, General Secretary of Centrale nationale des employés (CNE) (Belgium) and other trade union delegates/representatives
Alter Summit

Language: English/French/German


Reclaiming climate justice and commons: mobilizing from the bottom?

Friday | 21st November | 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Studierendenhaus | University campus Bockenheim | Mertonstr. 26-28 | Room K 3

Climate mobilizations are growing bigger with the view to the COP21. Strengthening struggles against big infrastructures or fossil energies, organizing mass actions through the summer in Germany, promoting alternatives throughout Europe, many initiatives are being planned, all reclaiming the need for a fair social and ecological transition to tackle climate change. How can we use this momentum to further build common framework/narrative between our different struggles, linking the need for social and climate justice?

With Hélène Cabioc’h (Attac France) and
activist from
ausgeCO2lt (Anti-Kohle-Kampagne, Germany) Language: English


The failure of the ‚entrepreneurial‘ University in Germany

Friday | 21st November | 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Studierendenhaus | University campus Bockenheim | Mertonstr. 26-28 | Room K 2

For seven years the German laws on higher education are being remodelled following the paradigm of an ‘economical college‘, which has been imported from the Anglo-Saxon science community. A centralistic science management is replacing the traditional system of academic self-governance; competition becomes the determining principle for administrative and social relations within institutions of higher education. We will lay out the basic functions and social consequences of this model as well as discussing ways to overcome it, politically.

With Torsten Bultmann (Bund demokratischer Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler – BdWi)
Language: German


Nature and Animals in the Societal Crisis. In the basement of Society: Crisis Talks for Cross-Boundary Liberation

Friday | 21st November | 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Café ExZess | Leipziger Straße 91

In his text “Der Wolkenkratzer“ (“The Skyscraper”), Horkheimer describes capitalist society as a hierarchically structured high-rise building. In its cellar he locates the animals below even the most badly exploited humans. We want to discuss with you the significance of this cellar for the capitalist exploitation of humans; the inseparable ties that exist between the exploitation of animals and the ecological crisis alongside the economic, social and political crises. Furthermore we want to reflect on the possibility of liberating humans, animals and nature.

With Melanie Bujok, Philipp Knöterich und Larissa Deppisch (Bündnis „Tierbefreiung goes Blockupy“)
Language: German


From the protests against the Troika to those against TTIP? How can we link productively the struggles of Blockupy with the struggles against TTIP/TiSA/CETA?

Sat | 22nd November | 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Hörsaalgebäude | University campus Bockenheim | Mertonstr. 17-21 | Hörsaal I

The „crisis“ is not over, quite the contrary: aggravated by an austerity regime of social cuts and neoliberal reforms this agenda is now even more aggressively pushed ahead by various new EU pacts and agreements for competitiveness and free trade. Starting with an inventory of the specific movements/ dynamics in Germany, we will then ask, how we can link
the struggles against austerity with those against free trade agreements. How could TTIP-protests enhance the Blockupy dynamic; and vice versa, is there potential in the broad TTIP protests we see in Germany to become more radical and indeed critical of capitalism? What role should the DIE LINKE (left party) in parliament play in order to push for such a dynamic?

A discussion with: Alexis Passadakis (Seattle to Brussels Network, Attac), Roland Süß, Attac / Blockupy, Michael Ehrhardt, deputy chair DIE LINKE. Hessen /1. Bevollmächtigter IG Metall Frankfurt/M., Sabine Leidig (MdB DIE LINKE) und Nicole Gohlke (MdB and facilitation)

Organizer: Parliamentary Group of DIE LINKE. im Bundestag
Language: German


University in crisis?!

Sat | 22nd November | 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Hörsaalgebäude | University campus Bockenheim | Mertonstraße 17-21 | Hörsaal 7

Did the economic sciences fail in the current crisis? How and to what extent can critical sciences at universities still take place? What crucial role are students or critical scientists able to play in the resistance to neoliberal crisis solution strategies?

With Alex Demirović (Goethe-University Frankfurt) Organized by: DIE LINKE. SDS
Language: German


The Right to Decide Europe

Sat | 22nd November | 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. Studierendenhaus | University campus Bockenheim | Mertonstr. 26-28 | Room K 2

The Charter for Europe is an unfinished document which emerges from the social struggles of the last years to call out for a collective European subjectivity. In this workshop we‘ll address the role of such a tool presenting some historical processes, such as The Great Forest Charter (1225) or The Women‘s Charter for Rights and Liberties (1910), as well as contemporary uses as in the Social Contract of Rojava charter. We will challenge ourselves to continue the work on the Charter for Europe, imagining it as a prototype of a European constitution written from below. The previous steps of the process of the Charter for Europa, and the latest version 1.2 are explained on this article: charter_for_europe_1_2

Organized by: Fundación de los Comunes
Further information: Language: English


Degrowth – an anticapitalist perspective?

Sat | 22nd November | 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. Studierendenhaus | University campus Bockenheim | Mertonstr. 26-28 | Room K 1

Growth is presented as the universal answer to the current crisis of capitalism – from Merkel to Tsipras. Terms accompanying it, like „sustainability“ or „green economy“, simply conceal the obvious fact: the absurdity to seek unlimited production in a world of limited resources. But it is not the excesses that have to be contained. Rather, a society has to be overcome, which constantly demands and encourages them. We want to discuss the concept of degrowth from this perspective with

Alpha Kappa/Antiauthoritarian Movement (Greece).

Organized by Ums Ganze. Language: English


Is there a need for Left unity?

Sat | 22nd November | 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. Hörsaalgebäude | University campus Bockenheim | Mertonstr. 17-21 Hörsaal I

The history of the Left is to a large extent associated with unifications and splits of Left organizations and parties, common political action and splinter groups, demands for struggles based on unity and struggle for “clear” political positions. In many cases supporters of each stance emphasized the connection between their beliefs and the prospects of overcoming capitalism either through social revolution or reforms.

However, the demand for a Left unity remains obscure to this day. This panel aims to investigate and clarify the need for a Left unity today, its roots and perspectives.

Speakers: Stefan Engel (MLPD),
Interventionistische Linke, TBA
Platypus Affiliated Society, Frankfurt/M. Language: German


Solidarity with Rojava. Who but us? When but now?

Sat | 22nd November, 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. Türkisches Volkshaus | Werrastraße 29 | Thekenraum

For three years now a political system of democratic autonomy has been developed in the Kurdish territory of Northern Syria (called Rojava). The Islamic State (IS) is attacking Rojava and is supported by the national states of West-Asia. The people of Rojava are resisting these threat with very little resources and are still trying to develop democratic autonomy.

To Support their struggle and their way to a new democracy we started a campaign to collect donations and other campaigns of practical solidarity. The fight for freedom needs to be an international one.

Organizer: Dachverband der Studierenden aus Kurdistan in Europa (YXK), Interventionistische Linke iL


The Left and the conflict around Ukraine

Sat | 22nd November, 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. Türkisches Volkshaus | Werrastraße 29 | Spiegelsaal

Since the beginning of the Maidan protests Ukraine has come into the focus of NATO ambitions. The German government plays a key role in this escalation consisting of saber-rattling in the media, economic blackmailing and intensified military posturing. The Left’s answer to these problems has been divided and weak. Starting from questions like Are Merkel und Obama the “good guys”? Is Putin really the “bad guy”?

We intend to elaborate what a non-sectarian left policy could look like.
Paul Michel, author for „Sozialistische Zeitung“(SOZ) Responsible: internationale sozialistische Linke (isl) Language: German


Precariousness, government of mobility and transnational strike: beyond the mobilizations of November 14th

Sat | 22nd November | 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. Studierendenhaus | University campus Bockenheim | Mertonstr. 26-28 | Room K 3

Following the debates of the Blockupy alliance in Brussels, the social strike of November 14th in Italy and the day of action against precarious jobs on a transnational level, the workshop aims to discuss the political challenges related to precarious jobs, exploitation and the mobility of labour. We will discuss common claims linked to struggles of unemployed, precarious workers, students and migrants. We want to focus on
the organization of struggles against workfare and junk jobs, questioning claims such as European welfare, European minimum wage and basic income, focusing on new perspectives of mobilizations that assume Europe as our common battlefield, exploring the idea of a European transnational strike.

With Alioscia Castronovo, Dinamopress, Italy & Eleonora Cappuccilli, Precarious (dis)Connections, Italy


How to stand up to creditors

Sun | 23rd November | 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Hörsaalgebäude | University campus Bockenheim | Mertonstr. 17-21 Hörsaal H 5

Throughout Europe, we are today witnessing the most aggressive offensive on our social and political rigths since the Second World War.
This offensive is part the plan of austerity and, more in general, of the neoliberal dogmatic doctrine that has been in place from the 1980s.

Austerity is the the perfect excuse to make citizens pay a debt which is largely illegitimate.
In this regard, the indignation and the resistance of citizens, associations and collectifs
must be reinforced and valorised with any possible means.


With Chiara Filoni, Comité pour l‘Annulation de la Dette du Tiers Monde (CADTM)
Language: English


NoExpo – Resistance against the Expo in Milan

Sun | 23rd November | 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Hörsaalgebäude | University campus Bockenheim | Mertonstr. 17-21 Hörsaal H 2

May 1, 2015, the opening date of Expo2015, is going to be in the agenda of European movements for a large mobilization
in Milan. In this multimedia workshop we explain with the help of maps, photos, stories and objects why Expo is a device transforming the territorial governance of public resources and commons in favor of private profits. A model that generates tools and states of emergency which then become structural, as in the case of the workplace for Expo which is now being extended by Renzi’s government with the Jobs Act. We will try to trace and illustrate the thread that binds the false image of the Expo with the neoliberal policies of austerity and the Troika and agreements such as the TTIP. We will coordinate tools to understand the meaning of the struggle NoExpo and the reasons for a large European event in Milan on May 1.

For information and materials:, /expopolis.pdf

With Luca (Attitude NoExpo Network, Milan) Language: English


Resistance against the G7 Summit in June 2015

Sun | 23rd November | 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Hörsaalgebäude | University campus Bockenheim | Mertonstr. 17-21 | Hörsaal H 11

Dear Activists,
In this workshop we want to give you an overview about the current state of the preparations for the protests against the upcoming G7 summit and to discuss potential means of protest and resistance against it.
We see the mobilisation against the G7 summit on the 7th and 8th of June at Elmau Castle in the Bavarian alps as a part of various protest movements like the Blockupy movement, the Anti-War movement, the anti-racist movement, the fights for better life and working conditions and the protests against environmental destruction.

With two Activists of the alliance against the G7 summit. Language: German (fly translations possible according to needs and possibilities)


Grassroots democracy in development („Loading Democracy“)

Sun | 23rd November | 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Studierendenhaus | University campus Bockenheim | Mertonstr. 26-28 | Room K 1

The aim of the workshop #LoadingDemocracy is to invite participants to a new procedure for participatory, bottom up decision making suitable to larger groups. Therefore an anonymous basic survey with activists at the Blockupy Festival is planned from Thursday to Sunday. During the workshop, results of the survey will be partly sorted, discussed and put into semantic and contextual perspective via mindmapping.

With Janonymous and others (Piraten, EDJ/Occupy Würzburg, Berlin)
Language: German


Chaining and blocking: About the possibility of throwing sand into the capitalistic exploitation machine, not only symbolically but directly

Sun | 23rd November | 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Studierendenhaus | University campus Bockenheim | Mertonstr. 26-28 | Room K 3

By means of examples taken from resistance practice diverse techniques and materials will be presented, which can be of aid for blocking and occupying companies, roads, building sites or the like effectively. Which alternatives have proven themselves in the past? What kind of risks does this form of action hold and which legal consequences are to be expected? You will

get a glimpse of this form of action by pictures, anecdotes and short videos. You will also be invited to try how it feels to chain your arm or neck to an object.
The workshop will be held by an activist from the „Kampagne gegen Tierfabriken – Niedersachsen“ (Campaign Against Factory Farms).

Language: German