Action Consensus

In the morning of September the 2nd, 2016, our goal is to severely disturb and block the daily work of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. As a political agent of the Federal Government, the Ministry symbolizes the politics of social division, who strengthen the right wing forces in our society. For that reason, we want to uncover the Ministry with creative kinds of protest, in order to mark it at the cityscape. The employees of the Ministry who won’t reach their workplace shall not be targeted thereby.

Therefore, we will approach as close as possible to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, together with many activists arriving from all over Germany, with European delegations and local networks, organizations and groups. Following the blockade, single organizations of the coalition will carry out actions targeting issues and actors of the European internal and external borders as well as of the borders between top and down.

The form of our action is a mass blockade, which consists of people. With sit-ins, standing blockades and themed objects of our resistance, we will close the entrance to the Ministry. If the police uses barricades and fences in order to lock down the street to the Ministry, we will also include those items into our blockades. To illustrate our protest, some of us will carry themed objects and tools for the blockade, for example ladders and inflatable dinghies, cardboard tanks, fatigues, barrier tape and suchlike. They symbolize our precarious daily life and the depletion, the connection of the European social politics and the isolation of the external frontiers, flight and migration, our struggles against exploitation and racism.

Even if police forces will try to prevent us from accomplishing our goal, we do not focus on them. Wherever possible, we will pour through gaps in the police lines or circumvent them, using our bodies to hold the blockades. There will be no escalation from our side. We exercise our right to physical integrity and can therefore use materials and clothes to protect our bodies.

Together we take responsibility for the success of our action. We will create a situation that is transparent for all participants of the blockade and in which everyone respects and supports each other in solidarity. This character allows people with little blockade experience to participate as well.

Blockupy is part of the protests all over Europe against the authoritarian policy of impoverishment and the increasing right-wing forces. We stand in solidarity with all those who share our goals to resist these policies and the false alternative of the right wing forces. In doing so, we reject any kind of reactionary, nationalist and racist position.