New paths for a Europe from below. A workshop by Blockupy International and Friends at the Gipfel für globale Solidarität – Global Solidarity Summit

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Workshop: New paths for a Europe from below
New paths for a Europe from below – How to organise and mobilise transnationally in the current global context?

A workshop by Blockupy International and Friends at the Gipfel für globale Solidarität – Global Solidarity Summit

Dear all, friends and comrades from the last years,
Our Invitation to the workshop for our friends and comrades from the
last years (Invitation_to_Blockupy_International- WS)

In this workshop, we want to reflect on experiences of the “Europe of struggles” of the last years that will also convene in Hamburg against the G20. In the context of a “business as usual” of the EU’s neoliberal elites with their ongoing austerity politics and the growth of nationalism and right-wing populism across Europe, we want to discuss with activists from different European regions and networks perspectives, forms and strategies for new paths for a “Europe from below“.

We have seen many impressive experiences of new conflictual social dynamics on the transnational level, growing in the cracks of the multiple crises within the EU: the recent women’s struggles, environmental and climate justice fights, migrants’ and welcome initiatives, experiments with innovative forms of organization and strike, the continuous struggles against austerity effects and precarisation, new self-government experiences on city level, etc. This rich and articulated picture of struggles and movements offers us a fragmented image of a “Europe from below”.

However, we lack adequate strategies to break the “business as usual” of neoliberal elite as well as the current nationalist and racist tendencies, to affect the power relations and enhance the perspectives of positive change. Therefore, the G20 protests, just like Blockupy, should not remain a single event in a row of isolated episodes of protest. Therefore, we as movements coming from the transnational “anti-austerity struggles” in Europe of the previous years we also want
to make use of the moment of convergence the protest against the G20 in Hamburg promises to be.

Let us – as European activists – use this moment to come together and debate the current movement politics in Europe and beyond.
Therefore, in this workshop we want to discuss how we can organise and mobilise transnationally in a longer process:
* Speaking from the struggles in your regional/national contexts, where do you see common points or strategies for a transnational practice?
* Which campaigns, initiatives and tools are urgently needed in Europe nowadays?
* How can we build our own positive vision of a strong, internationalist left pole in Europe as opposition to the neoliberal EU and nationalist reactionary forces?
* How can we use concrete experiences such as Blockupy Europe or the G20 protests? Which role do transnational coalitions play?

Those and other questions we would like to discuss with speakers from Greece, Spain, the UK. France, Poland – and of course with anybody who will decide to come to Hamburg and our workshop. Depending on how many will participate we will have inputs from the panel and the floor.

The workshop language will be English. It will take place on Thursday, 6 July, from 9-11 am at “Alabama Kinosaal‘, close to the main spaces of Kampnagel. Detailed information will be available soon, for now see