New paths for a Europe from below. A workshop by Blockupy International and Friends at the Gipfel für globale Solidarität – Global Solidarity Summit

Workshop: New paths for a Europe from below New paths for a Europe from below – How to organise and mobilise transnationally in the current global context? A workshop by Blockupy International and Friends at the Gipfel für globale Solidarität – Global Solidarity Summit Dear all, friends and comrades from the last years, Our Invitation to the workshop for our friends and comrades from the last years (Invitation_to_Blockupy_International- WS) In this workshop, we want to reflect on … [Read more...]

Let’s use the Anti-G20 mobilization as stage and step of our struggles for a Europe from below

Open Letter and Call for European networks and movements to discuss: Let’s use the Anti-G20 mobilization as stage and step of our struggles for a Europe from below Dear friends and comrades from European networks and movements, Dear friends from these last years of struggle for a Europe from below, We are living in turbulent times. The “old world” we have known and fought against is crumbling. However, “the new” that is currently emerging does not come about with any signs of positive … [Read more...]

Summary of the Meeting of the Blockupy International Coordinating Group & Friends, Nov. 27 2016 in Brussels

(the day after the “Social Rights for All” conference organized by Alter Summit) With participants from Attac France, Solidaires, Sud PTT; from DIE LINKE/Liaison Office of social movements; the interventionist Left, Germany; Occupy Frankfurt, Germany; Plan C, UK; Euro- Nomade collective, Italy; TPO Bologna and Emilia-Romagna Social Centers, Italy; Act!, Belgium/Italy; Alter Summit, Belgium; Transform!Europe, Italy and Transform!Europe, Austria; European Alternatives. We had invited to a … [Read more...]


Searching for cracks in the European crisis regime and for a transnational counter- vailing power A statement by the Blockupy coordinating group in November 20151 Blockupy emerged for the first time in 2012. In the context of a wave of movements across Europe and North America that occupied the squares and demanded real democracy and social rights, we called for action days in Frankfurt am Main in spring 2012 under the slogan “Resistance in the Heart of the European Crisis Regime”. Frankfurt … [Read more...]

Blockupy 2016 in Berlin/Germany – Back to work: Exit Austerity – Exit Fortress Europe – Exit Capitalism!

Let’s go on the offensive, let’s come together for the action on 2 September, let’s block the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, let’s mark the policies of pauperisation and austerity - against inner social divisions and external borders This September, BLOCKUPY will participate in the weekend of actions against racism. We will not only target the AFD (Alternative for Germany). The borders of Fortress Europe, the borders within Europe and the border between top and bottom are all part of … [Read more...]

Letter to our friends and comrades

Dear friends and comrades, Dear Blockupist@s International, It has been a while that you heard from us. This is not just because we are on summer break but, more importantly, because we are – as you hopefully know – in the middle of preparing the next Blockupy actions days in early September in Berlin as part of a larger mobilization against growing dynamics of racism and right-wing (populism) in Germany. Two weeks ago, on July 22, we eventually “packed our boxes and moved from Frankfurt … [Read more...]

Let’s mark the actors and profiteers of social division, border closure and austerity!

Athens – Paris – Berlin – Now – Our solidarity must become practice If after the defeat of the Greek spring another signal was necessary, the referendum on the “Brexit” delivered it: the neoliberal Europe has started to decay openly. Thereby, the politics of austerity paired with the technocratic cynicism of the elitres have proven to be the best accelerant for nationalism, sexism and racism. Right-wing populists of all kinds and countries use this opportunity of social polarization – the … [Read more...]

When, if not now; who, if not us? Boundless Democracy from below instead of national division from above!

Let's block the Labor Ministry – Let's mark their politics of impoverishment and exclusion ­ Against the inner walls and outer borders. It has been too long that we were visible on the street together. Our practical solidarity takes place every day though: we are part of welcome initiatives, we organize support and actions on the European borders. We fight against free trade, war and climate change, which force people to flee their homes every day. We struggle against our cities becoming more … [Read more...]

From Paris to Europe, let`s unite the struggles!

The class conflict in France marks the most recent escalation of the struggle of European movements against the austerity policies of the ruling neo-liberal elites. Ironically, of all countries it is in France, the country of an authoritarian state of emergency and a strengthened nationalist block, where fierce resistance is currently forming against labor law reforms, the so-called “Loi travail El Khomri”. The frontline of the struggle against austerity and precarization, which has shaken the … [Read more...]

Let’s strike back! Towards a Global debout, against Loi Travail and neoliberal European labor reforms!

Blockupy International supports the convergence of struggles that is currently taking place in France against the Labor Bill and its system and austerity policies which are creating a society of injustice, precarity and inequalities. The movement has continuously grown over the last two months of mobilisation in the streets, on the squares, and in the workplaces. The government is pushing harder to impose its law against the population. After using violence and criminalization against the … [Read more...]