The Blockupy Action Agreements for Friday, May 31st 2013

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The blockades and actions are part of the European days of action of the Blockupy coalition against the crisis politics of impoverishment by the Troika. On May 31st and June 1st we take our protest and resistance to the streets with blockades and creative actions, public events and demonstrations. We are in solidarity with everybody who shares the goals to resist the authoritarian crisis management and the politics of the Troika, to defend the democratic and social rights of Europe ́s employed, precarious workers and unemployed. In doing so, we reject any reactionary or racist positions.

The aim of the actions on May 31st is to disrupt business as usual in a widely visible way at the ECB and other institutions and corporations involved in the authoritarian crisis regime and global exploitation in Frankfurt. The actions shall show international solidarity against the authoritarian management of the crisis and the politics of impoverishment by the Troika of EU Commission, European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Together we want to encircle the ECB as closely as possible and block it effectively. By preventing the bankers and employees from getting to their workplaces, we intervene into the daily routines of capitalism and block it. We would like to do so in a level-headed way, by blocking their ways and staying there. Our actions are not directed against the employees of the banks who cannot reach their workplaces.

Our forms of action are mass blockades made out of people. We block all the corridors to the Eurotowers, sitting down or standing up, with street theater, banners and drum-circles. If the police put up barricades or fences like last year and practically shut down the ECB themselves, we will find ways to include these barricades into our blockades. To illustrate our protest some of us will carry themed objects and props for the blockades like for example shopping carts, chalk, ladders, inflatable boats, tanks made of cardboard, woolen nets, barrier tape, books, musical instruments etc. They symbolize our precarious daily lives and impoverishment, the connections between crisis and war, flight and migration, our struggles against exploitation and racism, against the destruction of the environment, for the implementation of global rights and the democratization of all spheres of life.

Together with people from all walks of life we will carry out our mass action, open to the public and with prior notice. Throughout the action we want to create a situation that is transparent for all participants of the blockade and where they respect and support each other in solidarity. In addition we would like to point out profiteers of the crisis and of global exploitation, for example the neo-colonial land-grab of the Deutsche Bank, labor conditions in clothes stores in Frankfurt and in the global textile production, deportations at Frankfurt airport or rising rents and the real estate companies connected to it.

We expect participants from different movements and generations, of diverse political and cultural backgrounds. Together we take responsibility for turning this public mass action of civil disobedience into a success. We prepare ourselves in action trainings during the next weeks. The public and non-escalating character of the action will make it easier for people to join the blockade who have not participated in acts of civil disobedience before. At the same time all participants are invited to contribute their experience and creativity to the action in proactive ways. Together we want to make this day of action a success.

Police forces will try to prevent us from accomplishing our goal, but we do not focus on them, because our targets are the ECB as well as companies, corporations and administrations which carry on the politics of impoverishment by the Troika or profit off it. Wherever possible we will pour through gaps in the police lines or circumvent them, we will use our bodies to hold blockades as long as we wish to. We will not be able to prevent encounters with the police, but there will be no escalation from our side. We exercise our right to physical integrity and can therefore protect our bodies with materials. With this public, transparent and participatory action we want to send out a powerful message with international repercussions against the authoritarian politics of the crisis.

Please arrive early, form affinity groups and participate in action trainings as well as action spokes councils to prepare yourselves for the action!