the general character of the demonstration, Saturday June 1st 2013

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Opening rally at Baseler Platz: 11 a.m.
Closing rally with statements by delegates from European struggles and assemblies on the future of resistance at Willi Brandt Platz: 4 p.m.

The protest against the dictated crisis regimes and the resistance against the politics of impoverishment by the troika – ECB, EU Commission and IMF – continues this year as well. At the center of the choreography of protest are the mass blockades and actions of civil disobedience on Friday May 31st and the internation- al demonstration on June 1st.
The demonstration shall be loud, diverse and determined and carry our protest against the dictated austerity and the capitalist regime of the crisis through the city of Frankfurt directly to the European Central Bank.

Take action!

The demonstration shall be co-created by the participants. Frankfurt as the heart of the European crisis regime and base of innumerous actors of global exploitation serves as the starting point for many different creative and independent forms of action. Marking actors of the crisis in symbolic ways will express the resistance and struggles of the different social and political fields. Following the example of the protests in southern Europe we create space to express personal experiences of the crisis through collective forms of creative street protest. With our per- mitted and confirmed march we exercise our constitutional rights to assemble and protest.

Make visible!

Alongside banners and signs that illustrate the sweeping impacts of the capitalist crisis we would like to invite you to bring symbols drawing attention to everyday realities and struggles: ladders and inflatable boats for example might symbolize the life threatening voyage of illegalized migrants crossing the militarized EU borders; cardboard tanks could criticize wars, militarization and the corporations profiting from it; huge puppets and shopping carts can speak to the precarious labor conditions of millions of people; barrels and protective overalls could il- lustrate the innumerous ecological disasters like Fukushima or DeepWaterHorizon; packing cases might symbolize the struggles around gentrification and the housing crises; projections on walls , mobile light or sound installations can make the invisible visible; flags and banners can show the ways we organize in groups, NGOs, parties or trade unions. Be creative!

Speak up!

In addition to sound trucks we would like to encourage collective forms of expres- sion like songs, chants and slogans and also individual messages that might be amplified by smaller megaphones in order to complement the more representative character of speeches by individuals or organizations. With slogans, banners and
signs in different languages we would like to emphasize the transnational charac- ter of the protests and convey our critique and our goals beyond the German speak- ing media.


An immediate aim of our demonstration is to communicate directly with Frankfurt ́s citizens and to inform the public about the nature and goals of our protest and resistance against the current crisis politics. Using elements like chalk or bar- rier tape could help the participants to engage with each other and with the sur- roundings and open up the character of the demonstration without abandoning the protection of marching in organized blocks.


An opening rally will be held at Baseler Platz, where members of the coalition deliver short statements on their perspectives on the crisis in order to outline the common and differing aspects of the protest to the public and as a powerful kick-off for the demonstration. As closing of the march we gather in assemblies where all participants can voice their perspectives on the past days of action and discuss positions on the crisis as well as next steps of protest.

Let us be in solidarity with each other.

Throughout the demonstration we want to create a situation that is transparent for all participants, in which they respect and support each other in solidarity and work toward the common goal of making this demonstration a success. At our permit- ted march everybody is welcome and shall feel safe and comfortable, in particular people using wheelchairs or families with pushchairs. We insist that no partici- pant should be discriminated against, persecuted or excluded on the basis of age, clothes, sexual orientation, gender, race or social background etc. This also in- cludes the way to and from the demonstration, opening rally and closing assem- blies. We do not accept any discriminatory or intimidating controls before the demonstration, the presence of under-cover police in our march or hassling police tactics like e.g. cordoning off the demonstration. When faced with police provoca- tion we stand together and pursue our goal of completing the march together. We stress that in our demonstration we will not tolerate any racist or neo-fascist slogans or organizations.

Course of events
Opening rally at Baseler Platz: 11 a.m.

Route of the march: see map

Closing rally with statements by delegates from European struggles and assemblies on the future of resistance at Willi Brandt Platz: 4 p.m.