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Information: Beds for Blockupy

As you know: on the 18th of March will be the opening of the European Central Bank (ECB) and thus also the Blockupy action, is at the door. This year again thousands of people will come to Frankfurt again to join the Blockupy protests against the authoritarian politics to handle the economical crisis. The campaign “# 18nulldrei – We take free” pulls. In many cities and on the countryside a successful mobilization is going on to block the ECB opening and the work of the Troika. We are sure: It will be a festival of resistance.

Since March 18 # 18M is a one-day action, we believe, that the most will only arrive for the actions themself. For those who will arrive from far away from Europe and Germany we will arrange accommodations.

From the city of Frankfurt we do net get spaces! It is clear that we do not have endless possibilities. So the priority for us are groups from Europe and such who come from a far away.

Precisely because of this, this urgent request goes to to all those who have friends in Frankfurt to help themselfs to seek places to sleep. We also ask everyone who can afford it financially, to reservate rooms in hostels and hotels.
A list can be found here: >> Cheap Hostels

Those who have no place to stay and can not arrange one on their own can send an email to our sleeping place team: (pennplatz-notroika-pub).

Those who want to take a place to sleep via our sleeping place team should definitely bring your own sleeping bag and a sleeping pad and please contact us as early as possible.

If you are arrive as a group the day before, please get in touch necessarily in German or English at:

Please organize yourselves in advance in your cities and please travel in affinity groups. Tell us in advance how many you are and please give us contact details to get in touch with your group.
Please keep in mind this information for travel within groups. >> Beds and Lodging: travel within groups.

Travellers arriving from France and Belgium, please get in contact in German or French at:

Soon there will be a telephone number of the sleeping place team.

If you live in the Rhine-Main area, we welcome your space and sleeping place offers. Just ask acquaintances, neighbours, friends and inform us of available sleeping places: >> Urgent: Beds for Blockupy wanted

Blockupy / NoTroika
Sleeping places

See also:

The “central places working group” of the Blockupy coalition to whom the sleeping place team belongs, consists in particular of people from Frankfurt. Ideally, all coalition members should be represented in this working group and team.

The working group aims to organize suitable rooms in Frankfurt for all requirements around March 18.

We wish to organize for all who want to participate in the Blockupy actions against the ECB opening ceremony a place to sleep from Tuesday to Thursday. Many rooms have been secured already.

But enough space for all will only be their if the city shows willingness to cooperate. In terms of a much-needed european counter public for the designated crisis policy which has been called without alternative, we see the financial metropolis of Frankfurt for having a particular responsibility. Those who can lodge capital and capitalists from around the world in masses should also provide spaces to social movements from all over europe.

Accordingly, we see ourselves as a political working group to realize this demand and allow an expressive resistance.

In addition, we rely on your support and self-organization:

• If you live in the Rhine-Main area, we welcome your room and sleeping place offer: (GPG / PGP-Key)
• Organize yourselves in advance in your cities and travel in affinity groups
• Tell us in advance how many you are and tell us your contact details
• Please take care in advance your private sleeping spaces to support our organizational structures.
• Come to the working group, there is much to do!

We meet Thursdays at 20:30 at café excess Leipziger Strasse 91, and at the next
activist meeting.
The working group can be reached by mail: (GPG/PGP-Key)
(Please do not send confidential information unencrypted. Use GPG!)