Course of the Day

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All over Europe, people now stand in solidarity with the movements in Greece, they protest against the constraints of an austerity policy, which is being passed down to the people – with dramatic consequences in the countries of the “rescue packages“, but with increasing poverty also in Germany, thanks to Hartz IV, temporary work, exploding rents and impoverishment of municipalities. On this ground, uncertainty, nationalism and racism develop. Against this, we come to Frankfurt on March 18.

We are many groups and organizations including people from Attac, unionists, unemployed, North-South and peace initiatives as well as many other networks. We declare our solidarity with the people and emancipatory movements in Greece, all over Europe and the world.

Tuesday, March 17

11am – Blockupy goes Naxos: NoTroika-Working-Breakfast: Activists from in and out of town are meeting for breakfast and work on the tasks of the day: building up, organizing, crafting, putting up posters…

17pm – Blockupy goes Naxos: Activists-Meeting: Information for the Activists from out of town, debate, engagements, assigning tasks

20:00 – Action Plenum: We meet in the DGB building (Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 69-77) in Frankfurt, to get organized for the action day.

20pm – Blockupy goes Naxos: Activists-Kitchen: Food for all and the possibility for further meetings and assambleas till 1am

Wednesday, March 18

07:00 – Blockade Actions around the ECB: In the early morning we start the blockade of the ECB by means of sit-in and standing blockades, music and street theater, banners and themed objects. The ECB is one of the central institutions enforcing the implementation of the catastrophic policy of impoverishment. Following the blockade, single organizations of the coalition will carry out actions on issues and actors of the crisis regime. For our actions, the following applies: we say what we do and we do what we say.

12:00 – Demonstration of the Confederation of German Trade Unions: The demonstration starts in front of the DGB building (Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 69-77).

From 14:00 – Rally: On the Römer square, the big Blockupy rally takes place with music, speeches by well-known Blockupy supporters, reports from the daily consequences across Europe of the policy of impoverishment and the vibrant protests against this, from Greece to Madrid and Frankfurt.

17:00 – Blockupy Mass Demonstration: The action day concludes with the mass demonstration starting from the Römer square. We will protest against the crisis policy in the city center of Frankfurt, jointly, colorfully and loudly. We will start and arrive together.

From 19:00 – Departure of buses

Blockupy goes Naxos (Waldschmidtstr. 19)
6am – NoToika-Center: Information, Updates on Action and Repression, Food for all. The mobile Action-kitchen for blockades, rally and demonstration is starts from here. Anti-repression-Infopoint and Out-of-action-area.
In the evening: come-together after the rally.
A wheelchair -toilet is located here