PM: Demonstration at the airport is going to stay permitted

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Press statement of the federal Blockupy coalition
Frankfurt am Main, May 15, 2013

*Constitutional Court allows Blockupy- Demonstration in the airport
*Police stops seven Buses and forces refugees to return

+++Update: The 4 remaining buses arrived at the camp+++

The Blockupy- Demonstration inside the airport stays permitted: The Constitutional
Court in Kassel confirmed that the demonstration „Blockupy Deportation
Airport“ will be taking place tomorrow, with 200 demonstrators inside the
airport- terminal. With that decision the court followed the resolution of the
Frankfurt administrative court. Therefore the order of the city, which wanted the
demonstration to take place outside the terminal, was rejected.
The city has finally failed with the attempt to make the airport a zone
fundamentally devoid of any rights. We do welcome that“ says Blockupy Speaker
Martin Sommer. Protests against Racism and the European deportation-system belong
inside the terminal. But the order of limiting the number of participants to 200 is
irritating. „We are expecting more people. The limitation of the participants
effectively means that some people are denied their right to freedom of

Furthermore the Blockupy coalition has criticized the scandalous withholding of
freedom of speech for activists from the Berlin Refugee Camp, who wanted to travel
to Frankfurt by bus but were forced by police controls to return, if they didn’t
want to endanger their residence permit status. Blockupy speaker Ani
Dießelmann called this procedure of the authorities a scandal that will not
stay uncommented during the coming days.

The police had stopped five buses from Berlin as well as one bus from Münster
and one from Hamburg on their way to the Blockupy Action-days in Frankfurt.

All activists from Berlin were photographed, their luggage was searched and their
personal data was recorded. A few of the people were forced to leave the buses and
to transfer to trains, a group of refugees returned to Berlin.

On Thursday evening the police controls around the camp increased. Early in the
evening about 100 people started a spontaneous demonstration against police violence
and for a free journey to the Blockupy- Actiondays.

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