PM: ECB is blocked by 3000 Blockupy activists

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Press statement of the federal Blockupy coalition
Frankfurt am Main, May 31, 2013

*ECB is blocked by 3000 Blockupy activists

*Blockupy coalition reached its first goal / actions in the city will follow later
in the day

The European Central Bank is blocked. More than 3000 people have surrounded and bolt
the ECB at the Willy-Brandt-Platz early on this Friday morning. Continually, more
activists are arriving at the blockades. „The blockade is standing. The
business of the ECB is successfully disrupted.“ says Blockupy speaker Ani
Dießelmann. „The Blockupy coalition has reached its first goal and more
crisis actors will be marked during the day. We call up everyone to join our

Blockupy speaker Roland Süß added: „The move from public protest to
civil disobedience is necessary. With the blockade of the ECB we are making the
european resistance against the devestating poverty policy visible. It’s an
expression of our solidarity with the people in southern Europe whose existance is
threatened by the austerity programs.”

From several starting spots in the city – from the camp at Rebstock area as
well as from the Paulsplatz close to the main station – the Blockupy activists
left for the ECB blockade early this morning. Still, activists continue to arrive at
the blockades. After the blockade of the ECB, further actions in the city and at the
airport will follow this afternoon.