Action Goals achieved, European Central Bank blocked

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Powerful Actions in the City / Demonstrators harrassed by Police at the Airport


More than 3000 people sourrounded and closed off the ECB for several hours this Friday morning as part of the Blockupy protests. Subsequently, activists marked further crisis actors with their creative protests all over the city.


„We achieved our goal to block the Eurotower with mass blockades as we had announced. The ECB represents not only the European crisis management that serves the interest of major banks; it is also part of the Troika and thus a central actor in the politics of impoverishment that threatens the existence of the people in Europe, especially in southern European countries. Austerity kills“, says Blockupy speaker Roland Süß. „Taking the step from public protest to civil disobedience is necessary.“


Blockupy speaker Ani Dießelmann added: „With resolute actions we made it clear that we say „No!“ to the dominant politics of hunger and exploitation of humans and natural ressources, in brief: to capitalism and its everyday consequences such as low income jobs, social exclusion, the pressing lack of affordable housing and racist deportations.“


After the blockade of the ECB, the participants of the protests beat the drums in front of the Deutsche Bank, addressed the inhumane working conditions in the textile industry and demanded the right to the city in front of real estate companies. With a so called „care mob“ and a dancing blockade activists also drew attention to the effects of the crisis politics on care work that hit especially women.


At the airport 800 people protest at the moment against deportation and racism. So far, the police deny access for the demonstrators to Terminal 1 – which is against the decision taken by the administrative court yesterday which gave explicit permission to the rally in the airport, altough the number of participants was restricted to 200. Blockupy speaker Thomas Occupy: „Police and public order office use all possible chicanery in order to suspend the freedom of assembly and to effectively undermine the decision by the administrative court. Protests against racism and the European system of deportation belong into the terminal, not on a green meadow!“


The action days will continue: On Friday late afternoon Blockupy invites to a public discussion event. On Saturday a major demonstration will follow. It will start at 11 am at Baseler Platz and the final assembly will be held around 3.30 pm in front of the ECB. Simultaneously several protests in more than ten European cities are going to take place under the slogan: „United against the Troika!“.