Blockupy: Police use violence against demonstration

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Press statement

Blockupy coalition

Frankfurt/Main, 1 June 2013

15.00 hrs / 3pm


Escalation and police kettle were evidently planned beforehand / police headquarters in Wiesbaden does not respond to the far reaching concessions of the demonstrators


Without any reason the police is currently using massive violence against the participants of the Blockupy demonstration in the police kettle. “The strategy of the police is evident: They want to escalate the situation. The demonstrators made far reaching concessions in the negotiations, however the police headquarter refuses any kind of cooperation”, says Blockupy speaker Roland Suess. “The political responsibility for preventing a legally approved demonstration lies in Wiesbaden.”



Those kettled by the police had already agreed to leave objects behind that the police complained about. Even an alternative demonstration route along the Main was accepted by the coordination of the demonstration. However, the police headquarters in Wiesbaden refused any attempt to deescalate and insisted that those demonstrators in the kettle should be body-searched and their bags checked. When the demonstrators refused to accept this harassment and insisted on their right to bring the demonstration to a joint closure, the police attacked the demonstrators with pepper spray and batons.


“All this indicates that the escalation was prepared by the police headquarters in Wiesbaden a long time in advance and that the kettle was planned beforehand at this place”, said Blockupy speaker Ani Diesselmann. For instance, Dixie-toilets for the demonstrators in the kettle were set up just a few minutes after the demonstration was stopped. “They seem to have been readily prepared in advance”.


The police officers in charge at the demonstration were not allowed to speak to the co-ordination of the demo. The only contact given to the demo co-ordination is the police headquarters in Wiesbaden.