Press statement: Strong protest against EU austerity / Scandalous denial of the right to demonstrate / Executive in Wiesbaden overrides the judiciary

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Federal Blockupy coalition
Frankfurt am Main, June 2, 2013

The Blockupy days of action this weekend in Frankfurt had two faces. “Our protests were strong and resolute. With actions of civil disobedience and a large, colorful demonstration, we sent an articulate message against the impoverishment policies of the troika. We brought European resistance to one of its points of departure – the European Central Bank,” said Eberhard Heise, an attac activist in the Blockupy coalition. “Our actions had precisely the character that we decided upon in the coalition and publicly announced.”

In stark contrast to this image, the police undermined the right to demonstrate in an obviously politically-motivated move. “The fact that our protests against the austerity policies here in Germany and in other European countries should be hampered by brutal police interference shows that we are hitting where it hurts. The authoritarian politics of crisis should be set against any and all resistance, regardless of its cost – regardless if that means undermining the basic right to freedom of assembly,” said Ani Diesselmann for the Interventionistische Linke in the coalition. “It is a scandal that the executive overrules court decisions in an obviously planned move.”

Martin Sommer from the Ums Ganze coalition added: “a politics that pretends to be without alternative and therefore has no concept for improving the lives of the people does everything to disrupt and prevent discussions from below that reason against these disastrous crisis policies. We will not put up with this. Blockupy will come back.”

The Blockupy coalition is comprised of activists of various emancipatory groups and organizations, including the Interventionistische Linke, attac, Occupy Frankfurt, labor unions, youth and student organizations, the unemployment forum of Germany, the party Die Linke, the network peace cooperative and the coalition Ums Ganze.

Statistics of injuries:

According to the legal team in Frankfurt more than 200 demonstrators were injured at the demonstration on Saturday by police violence, mostly from pepperspray. Over 1000 people were held in a kettle without provision of beverage. Even the lawyers were not let to leave the kettle and were thereby prevented by carrying out their mandate.

Blockupy press statements about the action days:

Press contacts:
* Ani Dießelmann, Blockupy Frankfurt / Interventionistische Linke, 
Tel. +49 1573 6235 803

* Roland Süß, Blockupy Frankfurt / Attac,
 Tel. +49 175 2725 893

* Thomas Occupy, Blockupy Frankfurt / Occupy Frankfurt,
 Tel. +49 157 7972 4487

* Martin Sommer, Blockupy Frankfurt / Ums-Ganze-Bündnis,
 Tel. +49 163 2705 895

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