You are leaving the democratic sector – interim reports about five years of the crisis.

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Public opening
Freitag, 22. November 2013, 18:00 Studierendenhaus Uni Frankfurt
A European talk about living under the Troika rule, about disparate consequences of the crisis and crisis politics in Europe, about social upheavals, stagnation and new class societies, about newly developed solidarities and the drawing up of deadly frontiers. We want to use this occasion of a European Get-Together to discuss with activists from all over Europe regional and temporary different consequences and answers as well as about potential European common political concepts of solidarities and powerful new alliances.

The discussion takes place with:

* Beppe Caccia (Global Project / Member of the City Council of Venice)
* Marion Bayer (Network Welcome to Europe, Hanau)
* Christos Giovanopoulos (solidarity4all, Griechenland)
* Nina Schmidt (ver.di [trade union for public services] Ludwigshafen) – asked
* Julia Popovici (Blogportal CriticAtac, Romania) – asked