LAST UPDATE: phone numbers, link to action map, speeches, demo etc

This is a last update with info you need to know: crucial telephone numbers for the days you should note into your phones, with the link to the action map, with last info on the big rally in the afternoon and the Blockupy march. For the general overview on Blockupy March 18th, the calls, the course of the day, meeting points etc. please see the last info-sheet (

Crucial phone numbers

  • Infotelefon/Info-Hotline: +49 151 – 43 16 03 19 (starting on Monday)
  • Legal Team / EA: +49 160 – 95 65 74 26 (starting on Monday)
  • [please check out also the written material at: in various languages]
  • Emotional First Aid/Out of Action: +49 152 – 16 22 02 09 (only Wednesday)
  • Shuttle from the prison/police stations/arrests: +49 152 – 16 21 92 54 (starting on Wednesday)
  • Accommodation/Pennplatzbörse: +49 157 – 85 36 58 72 (starting on Sunday); or
  • Bus-Coordination: +49 1578 – 28 13 93 3 (starting on Monday), or

Blockupy Action map

a map of Frankfurt for activists that marks the crucial sites, gives an overview and tells you how to orient yourself. It also includes all relevant phone numbers you should know. There will be printed maps in Frankfurt at the assembly, the meeting and info-points but if you want to get an overview already go to (~20MB)

Assemblies and meeting places

17th/18th of March: Blockupy goes Naxos – NoTroika-Info-point, activists-kitchen, Anti-Repression, Out-of- action-area at Theater Willy Praml in Waldschmidtstr. 19 (for location/map and more info: out-of-action-area/)

Tuesday, 17th of March at 8 p.m.: Info and Action Plenary to get all necessary info for the next days and get organized for the morning (at the DGB building – trade union’s house – Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 69-77, in Frankfurt, close to the central station)

Wednesday, 18th of March starting at 6 a.m.: registered gathering and infopoints on that day, organized by various alliance groups–points, to meet others and gather, to rest, get infos and a tea. (so far it is: Danziger Platz, central station/Kaisersack, Zeil 1, Paul-Arnsberg-Platz, Walter-von-Cronberg-Platz (overview map:

The rally and the demonstration

Central Blockupy rally at the Römerberg from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Music/drums
  • Opening: Jochen Nagel (GEW; teacher’s/education union))
  • Valentina Orazzini (FIOM, Italy)
  • Giorgios Chondros (Syriza)
  • Nasim Lomani (diktio, network of social support to immigrants and refugees, Greece)
  • Tba (interventionist Left/umsGanze)
  • Babs
  • Hélène Cabioc’h (Blockupy International / Attac France)
  • Tba for/from Kobane
  • Miguel Urban (PODEMOS)
  • Tba from Italy/feminist intervention
  • Strom und Wasser
  • Sahra Wagenknecht (DIE LINKE)
  • Urban Priol
  • Naomi Klein
  • Refpolk & Daisy Chain from The future is still unwritten (Berlin/Athens)

5 p.m.: Blockupy Mass Demonstration through the inner city of Frankfurt

  • a lively and gaudy march showing over its whole length the Blockupy colors with umbrellas, sunglasses, etc. Our consensus is: We want a march which everybody can join safely and unharmed. We start together and we end together (for the route and consensus on the march see:
  • The demonstration will be opened and lead by the transnational Blockupy International crowd from all over Europe, with the first rows led by women.
  • The leading banner will show our motto: “Our time to act has come!” and “Change Europe – Stop Troika! BLOCKUPY”

For the overall course of the day/s see


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