International invitation to join the preparatory process

The Blockupy actions in May 2012 were only the beginning. In 2013 we are coming back to Frankfurt again. Our aim is again to block the ECB and many more targets in the financial district.

In Germany the preparatory process has already started. Big meetings have been held and working groups have been formed. The days of action have been fixed: May 31st and June 1st 2013.

Now is the time to take the preparatory process to the international level.We want to invite all our friends and comrades all over Europe and beyond to become part of the Blockupy mobilization, in order to create a powerful expression of protest and resistance in the heart of the European crisis regime.

Although the planning for a protest camp, the blockade actions and the big demonstration has begun, there are still a lot of things to decide about the character, the time-table and the slogans of the actions. Some groups or movements may want to take part in the actions in Frankfurt; others may want to support Blockupy with actions in their home countries or cities.

We do not want to take these decisions on a national level, but as an European movement coming into being. Therefore we urge you to join the preparatory process and become a part of Blockupy 2013.

First step is an audio conference on Wednesday, March 20th , 9.30 a.m. – If you want to join, send a short e-mail to and we send you the dial-in codes. In this audio conference we want to prepare the agenda for step 2: The international preparatory meeting on Saturday, April 27th in Frankfurt. In this meeting we want to present the preparations as things are now and to discuss all necessary changes and actions still to take, and especially talk about everything that is needed to make an international participation possible. Audio conference and International meeting will be held in English language.

The decisions of the International meeting will be presented in the big general meeting of Blockupy activists on the following day, April 28th. Everybody of you is invited to take part in this meeting, too. Translation will be provided.

As soon as more details of the meeting have become clear, you will find them on the Blockupy website:

We are looking forward to seeing you in the meetings and of course in the streets of Frankfurt!

Blockupy Alliance*, March 2013

* The Blockupy alliance in Germany consists of numerous groups, organizations and individuals who are active in different social and political collectives or currents. So far the following structures take part: Attac-activists, unions, antiracist networks, parties like “Die Linke”, Occupy-activists, unemployed initiatives, student groups, North-South, peace and environmental initiatives, the leftyouth [‘solid], the green youth, as well as radical left associations like Interventionist Left and …Ums Ganze!-Alliance

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