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Technologies for Networking for common struggles in 2014 (PART 2)

Sol Networks Commission / 15M, Madrid (Spain), Blockupy Platform Berlin (Germany)

The global uprisings since 2008 have been insurrections of ‘networked societies’ with social media and digital tools playing a central role in the capturing and diffusion of information and sentiments. It is not that the revolution takes place online, but that new tools are key for connecting and spreading physical meetings and protest in the street.

Yet these digital tools do not simply work without planning and coordination. In this workshop will look closely at lessons from the 15M and housing movements in Spain on how digital tools can be combined to create and amplify a political campaign and how they can be used in the streets with protests. We want to consider this in terms of connecting “Blockupy cities” across Germany and Europe for common actions in spring 2014 and starting a viral campaign to reject the opening of the new ECB tower.