Perspectives of Self-Organisation.

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Workshop with workers of the self managed fabric VIO.ME and comrades from Greece and other regions

Occupied Factory VIO.ME (Greece) Antiauthoritarian Movement (Greece)

“You are crazy!” was the first reaction of friends of the workers of the self managed factory VIO.ME when they decided to take their life in their hands and to selforganise themselves. In Greece and in other so called crisis countries in Europe this is no more an exception. More and more people in Greece or Spain experiment, because of hope or necessity and indicate ways of self-organisation. Self-organised structures spread everywhere and are networking with each other. Like this also in and around Thessaloniki – social centers and clinics, networks without middlemen, self-managed collectives build together a counter power. We want to focus on possibilities and perspectives of self organisation with short inputs, especially from Greece, in this workshop, How can direct democratic processes be seen not only as model for the future, but as a practice to have impact in the present? Can such socialisation processes bring movements together and provide an alternative to the actual order?

The Goal of discussion is to shift these questions onto an European level. On the basis of the experiences from different corners of Europe, we want to ask which role self-organisation and commoning from below can play in upcoming European protests, for example at the opening of the European Central Bank in autumn 2014.