Blockupy as one common practice – how to build productive coordinating and cooperative structures for Blockupy 2014? – A European-wide Blockupy 2014 needs coordinating efforts

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If we understand Blockupy 2014 as a potential crystallization point for the European struggles against the Troika, politics of austerity and the massive attack on the social and political, if we see Blockupy 2014 as a potential qualitative next step through which we can experience a common praxis for forming European wide movements, we need to think of ways through which we can really and substantially coordinate our efforts and activities so that the overall process can become powerful. How can we then coordinate our activities and politics? What kind of structures do we need to work for that objective as well as what approaches can be deployed that reach beyond Blockupy itself? Do we need a reliable European structure, which organizes a working process in a continuous fashion and with smart communication in all direction? What tasks would this “structure” need to fulfill and deploy in order to prepare and design the upcoming campaign, actions, time-table?

We should therefore ask and discuss in this workshop:
– What kind of structures do we need to enable a common Blockupy 2014? how to connect the practical needs at hand with the political tasks? Can we already deploy approaches reaching beyond Blockupy itself?
– What would be the task and functions of such coordinating efforts and structures, what not?
– How to connect the European mobilization/building of Blockupy with the necessity of a German mobilization
– How to think of some kind of a European coordinating structure as open (not closed shop) but with a level of commitment and continuity (participating in group discussion, attending in a regular fashion phone conference (as every months or so) and physical meetings (as every 2-3 months)…..
– How to think through the composition so that the different movement forms participate in the process, how to think of a composition through which the people in that “structure”/group are connected to their movements/currents/regions (and see it as their task to bring ideas/discussions/pans back and forth) while not falling into the trap of representation (with mandates and such)