C1: May 2014: Decentral, transnational, disobedient – How can Blockupy amplify an European Week of Action?

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Blockupy coordinating committee and others, NoTroika Network, Frankfurt (Germany)

Meetings in Amsterdam and Rome already proposed to organize decentralized days of actions between M15 and 25th of May (EU-elections) in various countries and cities. Which way we can go beyond the usual international days of actions with more than a common date and call and slogan? Is it thinkable to choose also common targets, e.g. about public goods/commons or against multinational companies and their chains of exploitation? Is it thinkable to use similar and simultanous kind of actions?

– Which drafts do already exist for action days? out of which contexts did they result? which proposals do they make for increasing counter force for a europe from below?
– How could Blockupy make a strong, transnational contribution towards this action week? could a one days actionday within this week be a adequat contributoin? how else can Blockupy participate?
–  What could be collective European topics, aims and issues and how do the match with the actual European struggles (Workshops A and B) and Blockupy? Is there more than “no troika” and “democracy without capitalism”?
– How can Blockupy be one point in continuance and enlarging a practise of disobedieance in a mass from on a european level?