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The European Action Conference will take place at Studierendenhaus (Students House), which is located on the Campus Bockenheim of Frankfurt University, located at Mertonstraße 26-28, 60235 Frankfurt/Main.The nearest Metro station is „Bockenheimer Warte“ (take U4 from Frankfurt Central Station to get there).
How to get there by car

University Campus map (click to see a bigger image)

Campus Bockenheim


The conference takes place in building no 5 – Studierendenhaus. (see on map)


We will try to arrange as much solidarity accommodation as possible for those who register in advance until November 16th (please bring sleeping bags and mattresses). Please contact and see the registration form at www We also prepared a list of affordable hostels and hotels.


Common Languages and Translation

Given that the Action Conference is an European event language is an issue. We will ensure that all plenary sessions are translated from English to German and vice versa. Since this is a self organized event we kindly ask everybody to think about the language issue for the various workshops. We will help wherever possible so that English and German is provided everywhere. For other languages, we ask for support and self-responsible organization from inside the groups.
Anyway please let us know your translation needs in advance (with your registration), so that we can help to organize whisper translation.
People who volunteer for translating please let us know via e-mail at (which language, email address/phone number, time slots).

Travel expenses / Travel funds

We have allocated limited funds to support travel expenses for people coming from outside of Germany.
Please note, you have to register for the funds beforehand (so we know what we can distribute and how to arrange refunding).
You therefore NEED to write to with travel dates, approximate costs, group/country and a contact email/telephone number until Nov 11th.
Not all appliers can be refunded.


Hot meals, coffee and tea will be provided by activists on a non profit basis. However it cannot be distributed totally free, we ask for a contribution of EUR 15 per person for the whole conference.


Please support the pre-planing

Please help us with your registration! We need to know beforehand how many people will participate in the conference, how much food is needed, how many people need accommodation.
There is a registration form on
For all other questions, suggestions or comments please write to
Actions on Friday

Actions on Friday

All guests are invited to join the protests against the Euro Finance Week (18.-22. November) already on Friday, November, 22th at 2 p.m. we will have a noisy manifestation in front of the Alte Oper. For more info see:

Afterwards we offer a city walk to some stakeholders of the crisis, including a visit of the site of the new EZB building. For more infos see website soon, or contact us at


The Blockupy alliance is a non profit, political alliance, it does not have or generate own money, a budget etc. The European Action conference is being funded solely by donations – from individuals, groups, alliance partners, smart cooperation. However, rooms, printing material, organizing translators does cost money, and we want to support those people from outside of Germany who cannot pay huge amounts for travelling.
Everybody who can is kindly asked to donate for the Action conference


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