Let’s use the Anti-G20 mobilization as stage and step of our struggles for a Europe from below

Open Letter and Call for European networks and movements to discuss: Let’s use the Anti-G20 mobilization as stage and step of our struggles for a Europe from below Dear friends and comrades from European networks and movements, Dear friends from these last years of struggle for a Europe from below, We are living in turbulent times. The “old world” we have known and fought against is crumbling. However, “the new” that is currently emerging does not come about with any signs of positive … [Read more...]

Blockupy 2016 in Berlin/Germany – Back to work: Exit Austerity – Exit Fortress Europe – Exit Capitalism!

Let’s go on the offensive, let’s come together for the action on 2 September, let’s block the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, let’s mark the policies of pauperisation and austerity - against inner social divisions and external borders This September, BLOCKUPY will participate in the weekend of actions against racism. We will not only target the AFD (Alternative for Germany). The borders of Fortress Europe, the borders within Europe and the border between top and bottom are all part of … [Read more...]

When, if not now; who, if not us? Boundless Democracy from below instead of national division from above!

Let's block the Labor Ministry – Let's mark their politics of impoverishment and exclusion ­ Against the inner walls and outer borders. It has been too long that we were visible on the street together. Our practical solidarity takes place every day though: we are part of welcome initiatives, we organize support and actions on the European borders. We fight against free trade, war and climate change, which force people to flee their homes every day. We struggle against our cities becoming more … [Read more...]


“Taking the next step together against austerity and authoritarian crisis management“ Since 2012 Blockupy has been the central actor of crisis protests in Germany. Furthermore, Blockupy gained importance as crucial point of reference across Europe for resistance against austerity and for democracy. However, the European “coup” against Greece this summer demonstrated that our political and social impact has not been enough – as that of other alliances and actors – to intervene effectively into … [Read more...]

Coordination meeting of the Transnational Social Strike Platform (6th February, Berlin)

Berlin, Technical University Building Room TBA Since a first workshop held during the Blockupy festival in November 2014, the project of a transnational social strike began to circulate in various European networks, collectives, trade unions and organizations. The banner for a transnational social strike and claims regarding wages, welfare and freedom of movement started to circulate already on March 18 during the big Blockupy demonstration flooded Frankfurt. After a large assembly on the … [Read more...]

LET’S RAISE OUR EUROPEAN OXI! From Athens to Brussels and Berlin our NO is everywhere in the squares.

On July 13 the political and financial oligarchies of Europe imposed, with the knife at the throat, a program to Greece that the same mainstream economists call simply "impossible to enforce" even under capitalistic standards. Which was their real goal? They wanted to and had to demonstrate that there can be no viable alternative outside of the field of possibilities defined by their policies. To reach it, a faction of them led by Finanzminister Schäuble, was and is willing to make … [Read more...]

Invitation: Meeting of the Blockupy International Coordinating Group Taking a new step and making it concrete

Saturday, July 4th, 10:00 a.m. – 18.00 p.m. in Padua, Italy, [Sherwood Festival, Stadio Euganeo, Viale Nereo Rocco 60, 35135 PD] Dear comrades of the Blockupy coordinating group, dear interested networks, groups and organizations, On May 9th we met in Berlin, evaluating #18M as an Europe-wide mobilization, a day of protest and resistance against the crisis regime. We discussed the Blockupy process of the last years, our steps to build a broad transnational platform against austerity and … [Read more...]

Athens, Blockupy, and Europe: democracy and solidarity are borderless

Blockupy International supports the week of anti-austerity mobilization for Greece and calls for building up an alternative World Refugee Day In March we took the squares of Frankfurt with ten thousands of people from around Europe and blocked the opening of the new headquarter of the ECB to state that “their Europe” is neither speaking in our name nor we think of the ECB, the Troika, the Europe of capital as a solution to “the crisis”. To the contrary, the endless debt spiral is drowning … [Read more...]

Public discussion: Where is the transnational counterpublicity?

Where is the transnational counterpublicity? Public discussion as an introduction to the Blockupy activists meeting Saturday May 9th, 2015, 7 pm Mehringhof – Versammlungsraum, Berlin-Kreuzberg Gneisenaustr. 2A, Berlin, 2nd backyard (mehringhof.de) Closest subway: U7 or U6 at Mehringdamm Mass mobilizations, general strikes and changes of government do not seem to challenge the neoliberal regime in Europe but rather entrench it. Even though it is ideologically bankrupt and discontent is … [Read more...]

Climate (of) Crisis – Let’s head to Frankfurt to the Blockupy-protests! Let’s unite social and ecological struggles!

On the 18th of March 2015, the European Central Bank (ECD) will officially open its shiny new headquarters – and thousands of people will be in the city and on the streets that day, to blockade and demonstrate, and to say: ‘there’s nothing to celebrate in your handling of the crisis.’ The climate justice movement will be there, too – Blockupy stands at the beginning of a year that will be bubbling with European mass actions for redistribution and global climate justice: in Frankfurt, at the G7 … [Read more...]