Towards a social and transnational Strike? Invitation to a working meeting on 19.3.2015 in Frankfurt

(Act III on strikes in the frame of Blockupy discussions about perspectives in social struggles) On 18.3.15 we expect a big transnational mobilisation in Frankfurt against the official opening of the new tower of the European Central Bank, against one symbol of the capitalist policy of austerity, precarity and exploitation. On 18.3 we will denounce the power of the Troika and the blackmailing against Greece: we will make the ECB and the European Union accountable for their actions! We know … [Read more...]

Call: To Greece with love

The hour of the lord, writes the Apostle Paul, comes like a thief in the night. This line is taken from a letter to the Thessalonians, a community where today’s Saloniki in Greece is located. An incredible coincidence – as today we are also faced with a new era, one that has broken out rather suddenly with its origin in Greece. The challenges of this new era do not simply depend on one government’s ability to fulfil voters’ expectations, because the great changes that are approaching and which … [Read more...]

Let’s get organised! Towards the European Social Strike

Final document of the Strike Meeting – Act II Rome, February 13-14-15, 2015 The two main objectives of the Second Act of the Strike Meeting were the consolidation and articulation of the social coalition and the European extension of the social strike process. When the three intense days of debate ended, the general feeling was that the right path had definitely been taken. The meeting saw an even greater and more heterogeneous participation with respect to the first Strike Meeting [held in … [Read more...]

Follow the strikers – against austerity, let’s strike the ecb

Call to 18 and 19 March in Frankfurt from Sciopero Sociale / Strike Meeting Italy By now the time of the technical government of the crisis, the time of austerity as a «mandatory choice», ended. Now more than ever it’s clear that the policies imposed by the Troika under the label of unavoidable necessities depend on the deliberate political choice to transform Europe in a space in which millions of men and women are doomed to precarity in working and living conditions, unemployment and … [Read more...]

Statement of adhesion to the European mobilization in Frankfurt, March 18th 2015 – protest against the opening of the BCE Eurotower.

Statement of adhesion - SEL ( Italy) The new BCE “Eurotower” building will be inaugurated in Frankurt on March 18th "Blockupy”, the European social and political coalition, has launched a mobilization for a large demonstration in Frankfurt that same day. While inside that huge contemporary pyramid, worth 1.3 billion euros, the opening gala will be performed in luxury, we will be outside, together with thousands of precarious workers, students, workers, citizens harshly affected and hurt … [Read more...]

Our time to act has come! Transnational actions against the European Central Bank’s opening: March 18th 2015 in Frankfurt

2015 began with something unheard of. The people in Greece stood up against all threats from Europe and elected a new left government. This, after 5 years of ruining the country of Greece, where the people lived in constant struggle against the humanitarian crisis and social destruction. A government was elected to stand up to the European institutions, rather than to accept more austerity measures imposed on its people. We support the decision by the Greek people to reject the neoliberal … [Read more...]

Call: March 18th 2015: Transnational actions against the European Central Bank’s opening gala – Let’s Take Over The Party!

[ Translations available in Deutsch | English | Dutch | Italian | Spanish | Swedish | France | Danish | Greek | Russian | Kurdisch | Azerbaijani | Tschechisch | Polnisch | Slowenisch ] On March 18th 2015 the European Central Bank (ECB) wants to open its new headquarters in Frankfurt. A dizzying 1.3 billion euros was spent on a 185-meter-high fortress-like twin tower building, surrounded by a fence and castle moat. This intimidating architecture of power is a perfect symbol of the distance … [Read more...]

#talk #dance #act – Come down from the balcony! Frankfurt Blockupy Festival November 20-23, 2014

We will not wait for the appointments of the rulers – we will set our own agenda. Even if it will be 2015 before the ECB holds its hors d’oeurve event of prominent faces to inaugurate its new tower, Blockupy will be in Frankfurt this fall. Now, after the “May of Solidarity” across Europe and before the blockade of the ECB inauguration next year, is the right time: we will discuss, we will bring together our struggles and make plans. We will meet to music, with a beer, at a film. And, of … [Read more...]

Blockupy International Invites Movements, Networks, Organisations to an Open Assembly in Brussels. September 26-27

Call for building together a transnational space of initiative for a Europe from below, through, against and beyond current Europe We, as Blockupy international coordinating group, met in Berlin on June 21st, to discuss the outcomes of the May of Solidarity and the future perspectives. During the days of mobilization actions were various and rich, and we valued positively that many have been organized from outside the May of Solidarity process. We also agreed that, though the Blockupy process … [Read more...]

Lets tackle Apple!

Coordinated actions at 16th and 17th of May against the global chains of exploitation In the frame of we will organise protests and civil disobidience simultanously in various European cities in front of Apple stores. We will denounce Apple as profiteer of the global chains of exploitation, as symbol of “modern contract manufacturing” benefitting from the global wage hierarchies. The current crisis policy involves austerity programmes in Europe with the result of … [Read more...]